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Default The Rapunzel Challenge
Although there are a couple challenges with a similar title I assure you, this one is different. It is mostly inspired by The 7 Toddler Challenge which I've completed on "hard mode" with a sim Snow White as the caregiver and the seven dwarves as the toddlers, after finishing the challenge I realized I enjoyed it too much for it to be over as soon as they grew into children... I hope you enjoy my little idea and I hope to enjoy reading/seeing your journey with it.

The Rapunzel Challenge
Have a spellcaster raise a stolen child from toddlerhood to young-adulthood
without controlling them or letting them leave the inside of your house!

The Sims 4 Base Game, Realm of Magic Game Pack

Create a spellcaster with the Freelance Botanist aspiration, after you complete the aspiration (in the original tale Rapunzel's parents stole turnips and other vegetables from her perfect garden, which is why she "stole" their firstborn) you may follow those pesky unannounced visitors that come to bother you without an invitation back to their homes and see if they have a baby in their household. In case they do, you may age up the baby and cheat/add them to your own household (unfortunately you can’t steal a baby in its bassinet, so a toddler will have to suffice).

Once you have the toddler, bring the toddler into your tower-inspired dwelling and either delete all external doors or lock them to only allow your spellcaster sim to go through. The toddler may not leave the tower!... until it becomes a young adult, at least. The goal is to raise “Rapunzel” until she/he is a Young Adult and ready to be disposed of… Whichever way you deem is right.

★ Aging on, obviously. Doesn’t matter what length.
★ Rapunzel can be any gender and have any name, same for the spellcaster.
★ You mustn’t control Rapunzel! though you may control everyone else in your household.
★ You may use the money cheat ONLY to build/place your spellcaster’s dwelling.
★ You may use mods/cheats to prevent the child from needing to go to school, they practically can’t leave the tower so it is only fair.
★ You may use potions and other in-game methods to extend the life of your spellcaster.
★ You may have pets, familiars and other NPC assistants (Bonehilda, Patchy etc).
★ You may switch back and forth between aspirations, though it is only the Freelance Botanist you’re required to complete for this challenge to advance.

That's it! Have fun, I know I will. Please share with me here if you did it or saw someone else doing it! I'd love to read it for myself.
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I really like this idea! I'm gonna try it
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