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Can't place modded painting on wall
I downloaded a mod called Blank Meshes Canvas and Rugs by TheNumbersWoman, where it basically gives you blank paintings that you can put your own image on via Sims 4 Studio.

I added my own custom paintings via swatches and i merged the packages into one. But when i went in game to place them, it won't let me.

The painting shows up as red, and clicking on it doesn't bring up any conflicting message, so i enabled the "bb.moveobjects" cheat to place it down, but it still won't let me, with no messages popping up.

Every other painting works fine, even other modded ones. I tried saving over the game, restarting it, etc. But nothing worked

Can anyone tell me what i have to do in game or in Sims 4 Studio to fix this issue?
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