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Default Comics - Haribon Brigade 01
Official Blurb
Manila, the heart of the music scene in the Philippines.There’s only one chance but too much at stake. Would you dare to gamble?

Maverick Robles, known to many as Beet is a regular freshman student, except no one notices he’s existing in his school and has been the subject of bullies. These all changes when he met Felipe “Flip” Carillo, who turned out to be an outdated rockstar wanting to re-unite his band. Beet then end up becoming the band’s new vocalist, with Flip, Nolan and Marcus as band members. And the band’s little girl, Cherry will make his heart beats for real.

Does he have what it take to be the vocalist of a newly defunct band?

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"Shit! Think of a good name…...…Beatles"
Hahahahha LOVE IT!!!!
Please go on!
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Well done!! You make it look so easy!

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Default Haribon Brigade 02 - Pick Up
WARINING: May contain suggestive themes, violence, and materials that may be offensive to other readers. Advised for audience 13 years and above.

Hope everyone enjoyed it, please share your insights. Comments keeps me going on working this comics.
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This is really neat - the story is interesting and the storyboards are well laid out. Thank you - I had fun reading it and I look forward to the next episode

I tried to leave a comment in your guestbook in your site but it's not working. Nice site BTW.

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Honestly, who throws a cat?! :-p

I agree with the above poster - the way you format your "pages" is obviously well-thought-out and very creative. Bravo.
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This is so fun but I found the second chapter's font quite small. I love this comic. Baseball? Never woulda thought of it.

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Default Haribon Brigade 03 - Out of Tune

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Can't believe I never commented on this. Love this story, the comic format and everything else! I was reading it since the beginning, but apparently I forgot to say anything on here! Loved this last episode, that Eddie really deserves to get his ass kicked, lol.
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I love the format of your story! You really have an eye for staging photos. Can't wait for the next issue!
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Wow, this is really going well, I love the story, I love the format. Your backdrops look great too.


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thank you, thank you.
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Wow this is awesome! If this was in the comic store near me I would buy it! :D

Keep up the good work!

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I was like: D: when I saw there wasn't a next chapter. keep going!

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Your doing so well <3
So enjoyable to read.. it must not have been easy to do..
The screenshots are incredible Love the comic format too.

Can't wait for more
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Default Haribon Brigade 04 - Amplified

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