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Default Through a Doll's eyes
Hey there this is my first story and its going to get much better! But for now please enjoy Part 1!

Chapter 1 Part 1

Dead Gorgeous

After a good 40 minute beauty nap I decide it was time to get ready for Alicia’s party. I brushed my wavy locks till they went static against the force. Pondering on how to have my hair I reached for my magazines. Miss Universe – nope. Young American – no. Birds in America – definitely not! At the bottom of the pile was good old Beauty Weekly, I flicked through endless pages of hair styles until I found the perfect one! It was so perfect even the model looked like me – well sort of anyway. After a bit of fiddling and messing about I got my perfect hair almost perfect.

Make up came next on the agenda and I knew exactly what to do! I was actually enjoying myself and began to hum merrily as I plastered layer upon layer of make up.
A quick glance in the mirror told me that I was looking ok; I thought I did a pretty good job actually! Then I ran down stairs to find both parents waiting for me, waiting to give me the talk.
My Dad was the first to speak “Darling we know this is a special night for you but we want you –“I didn’t let him finish.
I kissed Mum and Dad good-night, told them I would be home before midnight and that I wouldn’t talk to strangers. After a few reproachful glances Mum said.
“Good luck sweetheart and don’t forget to ring me if you have any problems!”
“Okay, Mum!” I shouted back at her. I was already half way down the dark garden path by now.

It was 9:30pm and I was heading off to the biggest party of my life, it was very dark and the street lamps were glowing yellow as I walked down the road. Every now and then a car would roar past and I would be blinded by a golden light but that was very often, I mean cars weren’t coming by that much, just occasionally. I heard a low beep and realised my phone was telling me it was 9:50. Ah. The party started five minutes ago.
I started into a slow jog being careful not to trip over as my heels were at least 10cm high! Ouch, blisters. I pushed my straggly fringe out of my face and felt sweat dripping down my forehead. Great, just what I wanted. And then it happened.
I looked left then right and decided it was safe to cross. I began to walk briskly across the road, my heels aching from the strain. Suddenly from in the distance I could hear a car engine getting louder and fiercer; I started running, sprinting even, crying, and almost knowing the outcome. Then everything went black.

Thanks for reading any comments are always welcome Hope you enjoyed it. Part 2 on its way!

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The suspense.... Why do you make me hang here?

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Oooh! I can't wait to read more!
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Thanks guys for commenting! Part 2 is on its way

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Interesting... but if I were her, I would've driven a car or carpooled. LOL!

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Interesting start! Looking forward to what's coming next
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Lol guys Part 2 is Taking ZONKS to write. But then again its half term so I'm hoping to get in loads of parts to the story depends (I'm really slow at writing!) LOL!

Lavaster - I would have driven too, but never mind the story wouldn't work if she had

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ooh! I'm excited for part 2!
you've definitely got a few fans already!

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Oh lil'B your so talented xx *love*

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I'm going to remake this.
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