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An administrative district (Landkreis) consists of several municipalities (Gemeinden). A municipality consists of several localities/built-up areas. Usually there is one town that has some administrative buildings, schools, shops etc. and several villages that hardly have such buildings. Officially, the villages are not even called villages, but "Ortsteile". When writing a letter, you can write the name of the town or village on the envelop - it does not make a difference. Each street name may only be used once per Gemeinde/postal code area so that each address is unambiguous. Therefore, Veronaville as a small village would not have a street called "Hauptstraße" because that name would be reserved for the main street of the town.
I know a few exceptions where municipalities only consist of villages without a town, but that is much less frequent than having a town. My home administrative district e.g. consists of about 25 municipalities and about 10 of these municipalities include a town, about 15 municipalities are so small that they are associated ("Verwaltungsgemeinschaft") with other, bigger municipalities and use their schools and parts of their administration and one municipality consisting just of villages (the biggest village is referred to as "Hauptort" on Wikipedia), but big enough to have a school.

Cities and bigger towns usually form an administrative unit of their own and are not part of a Landkreis. The term Großstadt (> 100 k inhabitants) is mainly used in statistical contexts. In everyday life, the term Stadt is used for all towns and cities. For smaller and medium-sized towns that are part of a Landkreis, it does not make a real difference whether they are called towns because the municipality is more important, but towns usually are proud to be towns and use that term when they describe themselves on their websites etc. In some German regions (not RLP), there even is another type of locality called "Markt". These localities never received town privileges, but they received the right to host markets. And even these localities usually are so proud of their status that they mention it and some even have included the word "Markt" as part of the placename.

Town privileges in Germany are not tied to the number of inhabitants either. The smallest town has about 300 inhabitants and the biggest municipality without a town has about 42 k inhabitants (the municipality consists of 19 separate localities/built-up areas is is very close to Hamburg). However, I assume that rulers in Germany were more open to granting town privileges due to the fact that there were so many states and domains existing in parallel. Villages were not really able to defend themselves while towns with a town wall had better chances and the inhabitants might have been more motivated to fight because they had more to lose in case of a defeat.

Density: I think I know what you mean. I know some towns with 10 k inhabitants that feel bigger than other towns with 30 k inhabitants, especially if the town center of the town with less inhabitants still has many old buildings. There are limits to this effect, however, because in a town with e.g. 70 k inhabitants, most buildings have more floors and you will have several high-rise buildings. And most towns of that size had more damage caused by the war and newer buildings as replacements so that the atmosphere is completely different.

Summerdream mansion:
Plants: I would look for plants that look like they are not from this world or the kind of plants that you could hallucinate after using the bubble blower for too long. Maybe look for some plants in unusual colors (blue or red) and use one color as main color for the garden with just a few highlights in other colors.
Tiles: I would use a similar or matching color for the tiles in the garden. I would use a bright color, but plain tiles without patterns.
Fence: As you plan to have a lush garden, my first idea is a wall instead of a fence. The wall should be of natural stones and could be covered with vine branches (RLP is a wine region) or ivy.
This also could work with a high fence and for a high fence you usually have wrought-iron for stability reasons. As the Summerdream family would not have a "normal" fence, I think that such a fence should have a non-metallic color and lots of "unneccessary" design details. Maybe something that would match this door or even more adorned:
If you want a more natural material, a picket fence also would be possible. The laths should not have a regular shape and should have slightly different heights. You can google for "Märchenzaun" to see some examples although these fences already look to regular because they were produced by companies.

Party rooms: Not deco suggestions, but I think that you should add the bubble blower somewhere. Maybe some functional alcohol CC (like the beer keg) also would be an option because in the play, the elves create chaos and make people fall in love. Of course, alcohol is not the same as magic, but the outcomes might be comparable.
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Thanks for the ideas! I imagine that Titania makes weird magical drinks and that she and Oberon have a similar role as the Matchmaker NPCs (btw, I've downloaded default replacement for the NPC to give a Witch look, but I can always give them elven ears with Plastic Surgery). I think that Sims 1 retro kitsch would be a good inspiration source for their party room interiors

Photo dump of the WIPs:

Capp mansion
Any suggestions for the room layout on the 1st floor? I feel that Tybalt's room takes up too much space because I want to create space for the former bedroom of Caliban and Cordula.
Would the Baroque wall and ceiling decor also suit in a half-timbered mansion, whether or not only placed on the ground floor? And did you also mean you think that Baroque styled furniture would suit them?
Would they place the piano and/or computer desk in the living room or rather in the separate hobby room?
Which furniture sets by Adele do you find the most fitting for them?

CAS family
Any deco suggestions for the dining room? I want to get it ready to "shooting" a scene in this room.

Monty Ranch
If I can't find any good Roman-style stone ceilings, what other kind of ceiling would also fit?
Which room would Romeo most likely utilize to hang out with (feud-neutral) friends?
Which room on the 1st floor is most fitted to be a bathroom? I want it to place as much as possible on top of the guest toilet.
Narrow rooms on the ground and the 1st floor: I want to utilize them as storage rooms for old and seasonal objects, object mods and inventories. Any additional ideas, in case I have spare rooms left?
If there's enough space in a house, would the computer desk rather be placed in a separate study room than the living room? And would they have a separate gaming room?
Would all the rooms on the ground floor (incl bedrooms) have stone floors? And how likely do the rooms on the 1st floor all have parquet floors, aside from the bathroom?
For the kitchen/dining room, would antique dining furniture be fitting for them, or rather retro 70s/80s stuff?

Do you know by chance a website where they showcase portrait photographs from different angles? I'm looking for more facial inspiration for my Sims face edits, especially middle-aged and elder ones. I've already checked those blended portraits for each country, but that research is fairly old. And I also checked a few Humans of [RLP city] Facebook pages.
For building new lots: Can you share with me some pictures of oldish detached non-Fachwerkhäuser that would suit well in an Ortschaft kind of village?

When you played Veronaville, which families have you given pets?

What were common destinations for 8th and 9th-grade school trips? How many times a year do they usually organize it? Do most domestic/nearby trips last only one day, or would they stay there during the entire workwerk? Is a trip usually hosted for a single grade, or even only for a few classes of a certain grade?
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Sims 1 conversions: Good idea!

Capp mansion
You could create a big room on the right side similar to the one on the left side. That way Tybalt's room would be a bit smaller than the other ones, but as the family is matriarchal and he is a boy, that should be acceptable. Otherwise, you also could change which room belongs to whom. As Juliette is the heiress, she would have the biggest room and Hermia as a girl would have the second biggest room (at least of the three rooms in question).
Are you sure that you really mean Baroque ceiling decor? The pictures that I see when googling for "Barock" and "Decke" are not something that I can imagine in the Capp mansion. If you have white ceilings, I could imagine a bit stucco in the corners. I also could imagine dark wooden ceilings without stucco. I cannot imagine having huge Baroque paintings on the ceiling and some of the reliefs and and stucco vaults look like they would be too heavy for the structure of the building.
Furniture: I think that all kinds of expensive antiques would suit them. The house is big so that old furniture would be stored somewhere instead of being thrown away and Consort would definitely spend money on having them restored and ready for use again. If you want a room with more modern furniture, I would also try to choose designer furniture or unique pieces and definitely nothing that everybody could find at the local furniture shop.
A piano would fit into the living room as it is also decorative. I do not think that Consort would have a computer in the living room. As a business man he would have a separate office in his house. The teens might have another computer in another room for themselves.
Adele: I like the Victorian Gothic parlor set and the Xavier bedroom set. If one of the teens has the bedroom furniture, I would try to use a light color so that the room will not become too dark in combination with floors and walls.

CAS family
I think that the lamps and the wall tattoo do not really fit the rest of the room. The ceiling should not be wooden except for the big beams. The walls and ceilings usually are covered with a layer of clay that can be painted however your sims like. I am not sure how common it is to have a complete wooden layer within the ceiling. In my home village, several years ago there was a room fire in a Fachwerkhaus and the whole three-storey house became uninhabitable and in danger of collapsing because the floors/ceilings started to dissolve themselves due to the water used for extinguishing the fire.
The arch leading to the kitchen has a darker wooden color, the door to the hallway is white. It is unusual to have so different colors in the same room. I think that a darker color would be the better choice for the door.
The shelf with the plates is placed too low. If I was living in that house, it would take me less than one day to accidentially hit against the shelf and make the plates fall down. The plates also look like they are purely decorative and not plates that the family will use when they eat. Thus, there is no need to be able to reach them easily.
I think that it would be more logical to put the potholder in the kitchen close to the stove. Maybe you can place some fire irons instead as the fireplace is near.

Monty Ranch
What about a simply white, reddish or brownish paint?
The most undisturbed place for Romeo should be his own bedroom. As long as he does not have the same decoration preferences as the CAS teen, that should not be a problem. And if he has the same preferences, the CAS teen might feel more at home when he visits Romeo ...
You could have bathrooms in the top middle or right middle. If you want to align the bathrooms, the best option would be to move the guest bathroom on the ground floor to the room next to the kitchen (you also can adjust the size easily so that you do not have to change the layout). It also would make sense to have kitchen and bathroom close to each other as both rooms need water access.
Btw: What is the purpose of the half-walls in the kitchen?
No additional ideas for spare rooms. My houses usually are much smaller than this.
I do not think that the Monty family would have a separate study room. I think that the teens would have desks (for doing homework) in their bedrooms like most childrens and teens and I do not think that the grandparents take care of the accounting for their restaurant on a computer themselves. I think that either one of their children would do (or have done? @Claudio and Olivia) it for them or that an accountant does it for them. I can imagine that the teens have a gaming room and you could put the computer in there.
As you want the house to have a Roman-inspired style, I would choose stone floors. For bedrooms, you can place some rugs. I do not think that it is very common to have completely different floor types in different floors of the same house.
I do not think that lots of antique furniture would be fitting for them at all. Immigrant workers had unqualified and badly paid jobs in factories and in agriculture. If their restaurant is good, they can make more money that way, but you cannot become super rich that way. In real life, they might own a small house, but definitely not such a big one. A few decades are not sufficient to become old money. Thus, if they already would have serious problems to afford such a house, they definitely would not have expensive antique furniture in there. If you want some older furniture, maybe look for some solid wooden furniture that they could have brought from Italy with them.
Btw: For the dining area I would definitely suggest a corner seat (google "alte Eckbank") as I assume that the kitchen is the center of their house and a Eckbank is more fitting for this than these chairs.

Portrait photographs:
No, I do not know such sites. I know that there are some huge picture collections that are used for training AIs, but I do not think that there are special collections just for Germans and I do not know either whether they are available for free and to regular people or just for companies.
Have you thought about watching some TV shows so that you can make some screenshots and use them as inspiration? If you are interested in doing this, I could try to look up some TV shows where also "normal" people are shown so that the people wear just a little or no make-up and that the amount of plastic surgery and similar treatments is not disproportionately high (like amongst actors or reality show participants). You also could look up names of some celebrities because when you google for pictures of them, you usually will get plenty of pictures from different angles. However, you should be aware that plastic surgery and similar treatments are more common amongst these people than amongst the rest of the population.

Pictures of old houses
I cannot provide you with pictures, but I can tell you how you can find pictures yourself:
On Wikipedia, there are lists for protected buildings in each state. This is the list for RLP:
Click on a Landkreis of your choice and you will be forwarded to a page with more links, one for each Gemeinde within your chosen Landkreis (e.g. After you have clicked on a Gemeinde, you will see a list of all protected buildings and structures in that Gemeinde (e.g. Scroll through that list until you find a house that you like. You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it and you can read a little information about when the building was built and sometimes also some information about the purpose of the building, the architectural style etc. Be aware that many old buildings are Fachwerkhäuser where the Fachwerk simply is not visible. For some more important buildigs (unfortunately very few regular residential buildings), there might also be a link to its own Wikipedia article and/or the text "weitere Bilder" (additional images) beneath the photo so that you can see the house from other angles as well.
Of course, not every list is as interesting for you as the one that I linked above. For many small municipalities, the church and maybe some stone crosses or similar are the only things listed and not every entry has a photo next to it. But as you theoretically can have a look at all municipalities in RLP this way, you should be able to find enough buildings that are relevant for you.
If a Gemeinde consists of several towns and villages with protected buildings, the list is divided up in several smaller lists so that you can google the number of inhabitants of the villages that are relevant for you.
You also should be aware that houses of poor people seem to be underrepresented. I assume that these houses were built in less stable ways and even when the houses survived a few centuries, the owners had incentives to just wait until the house decayed because that increased the chance that the house was removed from the monument protection list so that it legally could be torn down. The value of a lot with a old, small, substandard house is lower than the value of an empty lot. The first entry in this list is the only one that I found while I did a short check of some of the lists:

Only very few of my families have pets. Therefore, the following suggestions were not tested in my own game.
I think that Regan and Cornwall as career-oriented couple without children (so far) could have a dog. I assume that they would like a breed like the Great Dane (Deutsche Doogge) because it has a pedigree and is expensive and is big and might be slightly intimidating to some people.
Antonio Monty and his children also might have a dog. A friendly and cuddly dog would suit them. I guess that they do not care about the breed so that the dog also could be a crossbreed. The dog still could be a puppy as Antonio might have decided to buy it after his wife's death to distract the children a little.
For the following families I am not sure whether or not I would give them a pet. I will share them nevertheless, as I do not know how many pets you want to have in this neighborhood.
I think that Consort would not want to have a pet. But I could imagine that he would appreciate having a watchdog that is permanently outside and protects the house - if Consort also has sufficient staff that he does not have to care for the dog himself. Maybe Consort also would like the Koi pond to show off his wealth. I cannot imagine that Consort would buy a pet for the teens, but if they had a pet before their parents died, I assume that he would tolerate that pet (but insist that the pet only may be in certain areas of the house so that he does not have to have too much contact with it) because it would be too cruel to take it away from the recently orphaned teens. Cordelia, Juliette and Hermia as family sims were/are likely to wish for a pet at some point.
If Isabella and Patricio are supposed to have a pet, I would choose one or more cat(s). Most immigrant workers were from rural areas and many families there have cats to keep away rodents. As they also have a big house in Veronaville, it would make sense to have a cat. I assume that over the decades they became less strict about keeping the cat outside so that the current cat could be quite spoiled.
If Bianca lives alone, I could imagine her having a cat or small dog so that she has some company. If it is a cat, it could be from a litter of her parents' cats.
I cannot imagine Kent having a pet at the beginning of the game. He most likely will be busy learning new skills and advancing in the science career and not have sufficient time for a pet. Maybe that will change once he has a family of his own.
I also do not think that Goneril's family would have a pet. Of course, children usually want to have a pet and Albany as family sim should not be opposed to it either, but I am sure that Goneril would veto any such plan. As the family is matriarchal, she is the head of the household and she wants to progress in her job which is difficult enough with four children. A pet would make it even more difficult. As Albany usually wants more children, I assume that he would drive the pet topic too much because any additional household members will make it more difficult for him to convince Goneril of having another child.
Summerdream family: I do not think that they would have a cat or a dog. If you want them to have a pet, I would look for pets that look like other animals. I think here on MTS in the download section, you can find some that e.g. look like wild animals. If you also are interested in legendary creatures, you might want to look up Wolpertinger, Dilldapp and Rasselbock although Elwetritsch is the one associated with Pfalz. I assume that a chicken-based legendary creature (Hanghuhn is another one) will not work if you use a dog or cat as basis. For the first three legendary creatures, rabbits and deer frequently are used as basis so that this should be possible more easily. Maybe, the Summerdream family is also the right family to try some colorful furs.

School trips
The trips offered by each school can vary a lot. Below you can find a summary of school trips and other special events offered by my school.
Multi-day trips:
Schullandheim: Usually from Monday to Friday, the classes stay in some kind of youth hostel especially for closed groups like classes. Usually one class goes on a trip at a time and two or three teachers go with them. Schools try to avoid having too many trips at the same time because otherwise not enough teachers would be left for teaching at the school. We went to a Schullandheim three times: Once at the end of primary school, once at the beginning of secondary school and once in the middle of secondary schools. During the first two times, we made some trips to places close to the Schullandheim and there always is a night walk through a forest or similarly deserted place and somebody tells a spooky story. The third time was after the classes of my grade were mixed and the purpose of the trip was to help with team-building in our new class.
Ski course: IIRC, the duration was seven days. As the bus drive took several hours, the same bus would bring one group of pupils to the ski resort and pick up another one and bring them back home. We stayed in a cheap hotel with group rooms. We were skiing all day long and spent the evenings at the hotel. We were allowed to use a big room in the cellar of the hotel for gatherings. Two classes went to the skiing resort at the same time to keep travel costs low and to be able to offer four groups for different skiing skills.
Student exchange: Our school has several partner schools in other countries. The duration of the exchange varies (about 1-3 weeks) depending on the partner school and the distance for travelling. Each year, pupils from a certain grade may apply and the teachers will choose the pupils who may go.
Studienfahrt: Offered once as a 5-6 day trip for those pupils who did not participate in a student exchange. The whole grade went on this trip at once and there were two different destinations to choose from so that the groups were mixed. The destinations were big cities abroad and they mostly did sightseeing. Offered once as a 9 day trip the year before we graduated (probably so that we were sober again by the time we had the final exams one year later ). They offered four destinations abroad, two big cities, hiking in the mountains, sailing on the sea.
My school tried to include all pupils. Thus, when somebody could not afford to pay for a trip, they would try to get a grant for that pupil or find a sponsor. One pupil had missed the first skiing trip due to their over-cautious parents and the school found a way to make them at least join us on the second trip although they just stayed in the hotel and did not go skiing with us. However, this apparently is not the standard for all schools. When talking to people from other regions and schools, I often hear that they made a very different experience and that some teachers even tried to persuade them/their parents that Gymnasium is not the right choice for them because of their parents' jobs.
One-day trips/events:
Wandertag: "Hiking day" although hardly anybody goes hiking anymore. Twice per year during months with good weather. The whole school does trips on this day, but usually each class does something on their own. Most classes stay within an 1,5 hour range of the school. When a class has to rent a bus and another class has the same destination, it is possible that they share the bus to reduce costs. At a younger age, teachers usually decide what the class does on that day, but at an older age (like 8th or 9th grade) the class usually decides together what they want to do. The most frequent option was a trip to a city by train, do a little bit of sightseeing and then spend some time on your own before meeting the teacher again to go home. The more exceptional trips were to an amusement park, cleaning a lake, a bike tour to a cinema where we watched a film together, a "hiking tour" to a fastfood restaurant 1 km away from the school (7th or 8th grade when many pupils had a "can't be bothered" attitude) and a short hiking tour around a swimming lake with subsequent picknick (after the whole class had a party together the evening before and stayed at the party location overnight).
Schwimmfest: A day at the local open-air pool (a really nice one with long slides, jump tower ect). Everybody had to swim once while a teacher was measuring the time (for the Bundesjugendspiele), but the rest of the time we were allowed to enjoy ourselves. The competition part was done per year of birth. The rest of the time, you could spend with people of your choice.
Sportfest: A day at the outdoor sports facilities of the school (thus not really a trip). Everybody had to compete once in three disciplines while a teacher was measuring the time/distance (also for the Bundesjugendspiele), but the rest of the time we were allowed to enjoy ourselves. The competition part was done per year of birth. The rest of the time, you could spend with people of your choice.
Day of moving: All pupils were required to walk, jog, ride a bike or inlineskate on a certain "race track" and were supposed to cover as many km as possible. Afterwards a sponsor donated money to some charity for every km. You were free to form groups or be alone. At the end of the school day, we even were allowed to leave the event at the checkpoint the furthest away from school (and the closest to my home village) as long as we informed the people at the checkpoint.
Testing activities: Once a year, my school had a day where the pupils could try activities that usually are not offered by schools. There were many sports activities, artistic and musical activities, some outdoor activities, handcrafts and technical stuff. The whole school participated in these activities. You just had to sign up for your favoured activities on a list. It was possible to agree upon a certain activity with your friends, but most activities had a quite mixed group of participants nevertheless.
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