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Default Not sure if I'm in the right place... question about adding tiles on sloped grounds?
So I'm way old school. Haven't played Sims for awhile, and just recently decided to start playing Sims 1 again (ironically, I've been watching a lot of home makeover shows that got me in the mood to be creative haha)

I've been looking for codes that might allow me to put tiles on sloped grounds so I can have (i.e. a hot tub) up on a hill, but cant connect any paths to it. And all the codes I find seem to be for the more updates versions of Sims and don't work. Can someone please lead me in the right direction to find codes that fit the original Sims games?

And if this topic isn't in the right place, feel free to move it. :D

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This site confuses me >_< took me like 5 minutes just to find my post again LOL.
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I subscribed to the threat so shouldn't be so hard in the future ^^
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humm i thought there was, but it seems the code i was thinking of is for TS2.
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