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Default looking for sims 1 motive lock/static hack object
hello there

i have been playing the first sims ever since i was 5, not sure why but out of all the sims games (1, 2 and 3) sims 1 will forever be my favorite

anyway, before my old windows XP crashed, i had a wonderful hack called "magic fruitcake", some of you might of heard of that... im able to play the sims on my windows 7 now but i tried looking for the magic fruitcake again but the old site is now some weird advertising site that i dont understand why its an advertising only site (oh yes, because people LOVE online advertisements )

there are motive booster hack objects but no 24/7 static/lock objects for motives anymore... if there are im having 0% luck in finding them!!

does anyone happen to know anywhere i can get the magic fruitcake again (since the old site no longer exists, im certain the "no share unless given permission" thing no longer applies? so i guess the hack can now be shared?), something similar to the magic fruitcake (a one sim constant use, can stop using at any time, never spoils, 24/7 static motives at "level 9" for all sims on the lot) or any creators can re-make the magic fruitcake (buy mode price was $70) or use a different usable object (computer, chips, shower?! , etc.) and price it at $100 or less in the game?

if anyone out there can help out, i will truly be FOREVER grateful and be FOREVER in your debt!!

thank you for taking the time to read!!
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I have an object, a table lamp, which can boost sims motives in different ways. If you like to have the file I can send it to you.
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Do you mind sending it to me too? Started playing Sims 1 also and need this desperatley! Thanks
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started playing Sims1 again. I have a cake and wine that fills up all motives. I'll send it also to you guys if you're interested. happy simming
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what im mainly looking for is the object to make the motives static/lock for all sims on that entire lot. i loved to have 24/7 parties and invite the whole neighborhood over haha! i already have some motive enhancers such as a potion machine and a happy cake but my sims motives just decay eventually anyway.... if those objects can lock the motives please let me know!
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Try CTOSims , a website dedicated to preserving creations for the sims 1. You need at least ten posts there to see all the files, however they do have something called "SOS- Fruit Cake" that seems to match your description.

Edit: There is a end table that does what you describe here .

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wow they have so many of the old mods i remember!! thank you so much for this site!! :D
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