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Default Alto Family
Thinking of making threads pertaining to discussion of individual premade households. So it's a general kind of thread that can open ended questions for the subject. So, is there anything that do you done with this family? Did you stick to the lore or made your own future path for this family? Headcanons of your owns and those that you agree on? Where the efforts of Holly successful to converting her parents to the good side or did she succumbed to the sinfulness and wickery by their influence? Is Vita and Nick still alive in your town/save? What is Holly currently doing, had achieved, etc? Is there still fued going on with the landgrabbs?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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I haven't played with them in a few years, but the last time I did, Holly married Malcolm Landgraab.......and the feud kept on. They were cut off from their families' wealth and had to build themselves up from scratch. I had actually aged Malcolm up to be around the same age as Holly so they could grow old together. They had two sons, whose names I cant remember, and ended up living secluded by the waterfall, and I stopped playing because they were both elders and I didn't wanna see them die, as I was somewhat attached to them. Neither of them had the points for the young again option, and other than aging malcolm up, I didn't wanna cheat while playing them.
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