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Default ❉ Winterfest Spirit Legacy Challenge ❉
❄️Winterfest Spirit Legacy Challenge ❄️
A simlish take on the classic Hallmark Christmas Movies tropes. Celebrate Winterfest through the generations in a romantic, whimsically dramatic style.

1. Aging turned to Normal. This is a seasons-revolving challenge where a short lifespan will be too short and a long lifespan will be too tedious.
2. Seasons change every 7 days. It’s easier this way, trust me.
3. Follow the challenge’s narrative. If you lack a pack or simply something doesn't sit well with you, create a plot of your own to explain why it’s diverting from the challenge’s story portion. Make it make sense to your story! The main objective is to have fun and bring your own simming style into this challenge.
4. Cheating is not recommended. Personally I find it more fun to earn my simoleons and have the story progress organically, maybe you like more control on things or don’t have the patience to save up for the lots you’d like. It kind of defeats the challenge, but having fun is the top priority here. You might want to use FreeRealEstate and a money cheat for the royal family in the 10th generation.
5. You may switch between aspirations. However the sim’s initial aspiration has to be the one assigned in the description and will be the only aspiration counting towards scoring.
6. Each generation (besides founder) you get to inherit one trait from their parents. The other two traits are predetermined like most challenges. This is my way of making the challenge a little more replay-able and the sims a little more relatable.

Gen 1: “Father Winter’s Baby”
A gloomy aspiring artist moves away from their family and friends to a quintessential small town in hopes to find some inspiration. Who could have known they’d have a Winterfest romance with no other than Father Winter himself?

Traits: Gloomy, Art Lover, Good
Aspiration: Super Parent
Career: Painter (either branch)
❉Max the Baking, Painting and Parenting skill.
❉Have one pregnancy with Father Winter. Only his offspring can be the heir.
❉You can’t marry Father Winter or invite him to move-in.

Gen 2: “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winterfest”
Your parents always told you you were special, and you wholeheartedly believe them. Being Father Winter’s child carries the responsibility to keep the Winterfest spirit alive by organizing grandiose Winterfest celebrations every year and spreading joy and cheer wherever you go.

Traits: Cheerful, Outgoing + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: Friend of the World AND Party Animal
Career: Entertainer (either branch)
❉Max the Charisma and Guitar skills.
❉Never choose to do mean interactions.
❉Always accept party invitations.
❉Unless invited, never leave your hometown (the “world” you’re in).

Gen 3: “I’ll Be Home For Winterfest”
Just because your folks are obsessed with Winterfest and small town vibes doesn’t mean you have to be. Move to San Myshuno, make your big city dreams come true… Until it’s time to come back to your childhood home for the holidays and fall in love with your childhood friend. Realize your heart is where your home is and return to live in your hometown for good.

Traits: Ambitious, Slob + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: City Native
Career: Style Influencer OR Critic (either branch)
❉Max the Singing, Photography and Writing skills.
❉Study a relevant degree in either Foxbury or UBrite (ALTERNATIVELY, get the “Connections” reward trait so you can begin your career at level 4). You may live in the dorms while you’re a student but eventually you should move to San Myshuno.
❉Marry a sim your sim first met as a child.
❉After marriage quit your city career and start a business (restaurant, veterinary, flower shop etc) in your hometown.

Gen 4: “The True Meaning of Winterfest”
Your parents’ ambitiousness passed on to you. You run a successful business/career and live luxuriously. This comes at the price of not being as present in your kids lives as they’d want you to be, for which you compensate by taking your family on vacations, hoping they’d make up for your regular absence. A terrible circumstance brought you to financial ruin… Only after you had lost everything you learned to embrace the value of having a loving nuclear family.

Traits: Materialistic, Loves Outdoors + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Business OR Salaryman (either branch)
❉Max the Logic and Charisma skills.
❉Take at least two family vacations every year and practice your leisurely skills.
❉Reach at least level 5 in Skiing, Snowboarding, Selvadoradian Culture OR Fishing. Depending on the type of family vacations you’d like to take.
❉You may inherit the family business from the previous generation, or you may leave it in the care of another family member so you can focus only on your career.
❉The realization that your family being what’s most important must happen on Winterfest eve.

Gen 5: “All I want for Winterfest is You”
Growing up with distant parents who only ever showed their love with money, you have a hard time to know what love or affection should look like. You never had luck romantically, maybe it’s due to your cold upbringing, or maybe it’s because you’re subconsciously in love with your best friend and just wasn’t ready to admit it. All it took was a kiss under the mistletoe to realize true love was right in front of you this whole time.

Traits: Romantic, Clumsy + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Social Media (either branch)
❉Max Violin and Wellness skills.
❉Reach at least level 5 of Dancing, Bowling or Fitness skills.
❉Become BFFs while you’re either a teen or in University (if you choose to go), however becoming romantically involved with your bestie must happen during Winterfest after you’ve finished your aspiration.

Gen 6: “Wish Upon a Winterfest”
Life’s good to you. You have supportive parents, a high-paying job and close friends who appreciate your puns and pranks. When your boss sends you to facilitate a corporate takeover of a small Winterfest-themed business in some peripheral town you don’t think much of it… Until you’re smitten by the business’ wholesomeness, the quaint charm of the town it’s in and (of course) the just as charming person who works there.

Traits: Genius, Goofball + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Career: Engineer (either branch) OR Law (Private Attorney branch)
❉Max Mischief and Charisma skills.
❉Max Robotics OR Debate skills. (depending on your career path)
❉Have at least 3 good friends and give them keys to your place.
❉After falling in love with the owner/employee become enemies with your boss.

Gen 7: “Last Winterfest I Gave You My Heart”
Being married to your work broke your marriage apart, or at least that’s what your ex always claimed. You’re divorced and share custody on your children. Some time later, your oldest kid devises a plot to rekindle your flame with your ex, something to do with Winterfest (a bake-off? A vacation where they just so happen to be there with their new partner? Anything goes!) knowing you’d be more receptive, since this holiday always meant something special to you.

Traits: Perfectionist, Loner + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: The Curator
Career: Doctor
❉Becoming a doctor is your lifelong dream; while you’re a child play as much as possible with the Doctor Playset to get the special emotion once you’re actually a doctor.
❉Finish the fossil, frog, crystal or metal collections.
❉Divorce your spouse while your oldest is still a child (or even a toddler).
❉If you choose to return to your ex and leave your lucrative job as a doctor you may only work part-time or freelance jobs (or retire if you’re an elder).

Gen 8: “A Winterfest Wedding”
The fiasco you pulled with your parents emotionally drained you. If this is love you do not want it. Since having a family is something you always wanted you became serious with a successful sensible partner, because what’s love got to do with it. After already being engaged, you happen to a “meet cute” with the sim of your dreams. Being the responsible adult you are, you push those feelings down, down, down… Until your Winterfest Wedding comes around and you decide to follow your heart.

Traits: Active, Family-Oriented + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Career: Scientist OR Detective
❉Max Fitness, Dancing and Rock Climbing skills.
❉Be engaged to a Mean, Hates Children or Hot-Headed sim
❉Have a “meet cute” at work, a local café or the library with your one true love.
❉Leave your fiancé at the altar and elope with your new flame at the same wedding event.

Gen 9: “The Nightmare Before Winterfest”
What’s so great about Winterfest anyways? Just another sugary cliché holiday. You’re a misunderstood dark individual and nobody understands you, not even your sweetheart who always seems so concerned about your weird obsessions. On one Winterfest evening you found yourself in a place you’ve never been to before… What’s this? You’re amazed! You can’t believe your eyes. How could life ever be the same? You must make this new and exciting thing your own!

Traits: Childish, Creative + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Career: Astronaut OR Education (either branch)
❉Max Logic, Piano and Rocket Science skills.
❉Live with your parents until you reach the top of your career.
❉Visit either Sixam, The Magic Realm or Forgotten Hollow and become obsessed with the aesthetic for the rest of your sim’s life.
❉Fight either with an Alien, a spellcaster or with a Vampire (depending on your narrative). After you become enemies with them you realize that perhaps it's for the best to stick to what you know, and keep your obsession from a safe distance.

Gen 10: “A Winterfest Prince”
Having weird parents didn’t help your popularity as a child, but that’s okay. You have your books, movies and video games to keep you company. Why waste your youth away playing on jungle gyms when you can be swept away by heroic knights and princely wizards. Creativity and good grades landed you a prestige job, which then landed you a prestige gig for an actual, real-life royal family! What secrets hide behind the golden curtains? And is the prince always this nice or does he crush on you as hard as you crush on him? All comes to conclusion during the Grand Winterfest Ball in the castle.

Traits: Geek, Bookworm + either parent’s trait
Aspiration: Soulmate
Career: Tech Guru OR Writer (either branch)
❉Max the Programming and Video Gaming skills
❉Create a castle/mansion and move in a royal family of your choosing. All of the royal family members must have the Proper trait (the other two are up to you) and the Mansion Baron aspiration, rest is up to you.
❉Create a video game OR write a biography in honor of the royal family (depending on your career path).
❉The challenge concludes after earning a gold medal on a Black and White Bash event (“Grand Winterfest Ball”) in the castle during wintertime.

Looking forward to seeing you brave this challenge! I love tacky Hallmark movies almost as much as I love The Sims and I’m sure I’d love the stories you’ll create with it. Cheers.
Created by: Kasp / TerryKasper / TerryCorvus
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