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Default Peoples of Faerun Legacy
I’m back on my bullshit, friends!
This Legacy Challenge has 11 Generations and is based around the Races present in the Player’s Handbook, though if this takes off and there’s demand, I may make additions for the other sourcebooks in 5e.
(Find me on tumblr as wlwsims4 and tag me if you play this! I would LOVE to see your sims <3)

- Base Legacy Rules apply to whatever degree you like
- Custom Content may be necessary to fullfill some of the Appearance rules! (though optional)
- Mods are encouraged!
- Heirs are generally firstborn, but generational restrictions may apply
- You may age up children prematurely when they finish their aspiration, and teens when they have three positive character values in range for the trait
- Go ape shit

The Generations

Berry Color: Peach
The Founder, and the most versatlle of your Legacy. This is the “fuck around/find out” Gen.
Appearance: Anything goes, but no Supernatural features aside berry skin just yet.
Ability Score Increase: Max Three base-game skills of your choice
Feats: No Key Traits, pick what you like
Dwelling: Live in Newcrest, have at least a two-story home by the time you pass the torch to your heir
Starting Equipment: Build a small house with the bare necessities, then set your money to 500
- Complete the Renaissance Sim Aspiration
- Reach the Top Level of a base-game career of your choice
- Have at least 25k in reserve by the time you pass the torch to your heir
- Marry a Snob

Side Quests:
- Own a Restaurant, pretend you retire and become a tavern-owning questgiver

Berry Color: Bright Yellow
Your parent married the snootiest of elves and you are determined to carve your own path, rather than relying on your elf-parent’s name.
Appearance: Lightly pointed ears, but still resemble your human parent
Ability Score Increase: Max Logic and two other skills of your choosing
Key Trait: Outgoing
Fey Ancestry
Purchase the “Seldom Sleepy” reward trait

Dwelling: Live anywhere you like, have a single-story home
Starting Equipment: take 15k from your parents as starting funds and buy yourself a plot of land from that.
- Complete the Successful Lineage Aspiration
- Work in a Part-Time career of your choice and boost your income with Odd Jobs
- Whatever your offspring roll, add 1
- Never marry, remain engaged/boyfriend or girlfriend with your partner until you die.
- Earn the People Person Lifestyle!

Side Quests:
- Go out in town every Saturday and migle!
- Maintain at least five friendships with non-family Sims!
- Maintain a good relationship with your parents and visit them every Sunday... hopefully not still hungover

Berry Color: Gold/Darker Yellow
Your parent was a socialite but never quite sophisticated enough for you. You grew up in a large family, but never really managed to connect with your elven heritage. Once you turn 18, you mke the conscious decision to follow in your elven grandparent’s footsteps.
Appearance: longer pointed ears, sharp features
Ability Score Increase: +2 DEX - Max the Fitness Skill, +1 INT Max the Logic Skill
Key Trait: Snob
Fey Ancestry
Purchase the “Never Weary” reward trait
Keen Senses
Max the Photography Skill

Dwelling: Live in San Myshuno, either on one of the regular lots and build a mansion, or in a Penthouse, in which case, have at least three stories
Starting Equipment: take all of the money from your parents’ household (aah, they’ll be fiiiiine)
- Complete the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration
- Max the CEO branch of the business career, when quit, re-enter and max the Investor branch too
- Have only one child, and coddle the SHIT out of them. Max Parenting, and have them max at least three character values
- Marry a similarly wealthy Sim, but don’t take any money out of their household! (if they live alone, use cheats to subtract what you get!)
- Earn the Indoorsy Lifestyle!

Side Quests:
- Run a snobby little high elven club for wealthy people
- be BFFs with your child
- complete the crystal collection and proudly display it in your home
- Buy out your Grandparents’ restaurant and beef it up to 5 stars

Berry Color: Dark Green
Your parent was loving, but also very... very intense. You struggle free from their smothering embrace and leave to live your life in tune with nature, the side of your elven heirtage they never seemed to grasp,
Appearance: longer pointed ears, sharp features, simple, practical clothes
Ability Score Increase: +2 DEX - Max the Fitness Skill, +1 WIS Max the Wellness Skill
Key Trait: Loves the Outdoors
Fey Ancestry
Purchase the “Never Weary” reward trait

Dwelling: Live on the Mid-Nowhere lot on the Island of Windenburg, remain in a small tent-village your whole life, with the Off the Grid lot trait
Starting Equipment: take no money from your parents, but use the freerealestate cheat to buy the lot. Give yourself enough money to buy 4 seed packets of your choice, then reset it to 0
- Complete the Freelance Botanist Aspiration
- Max the Gardener Career. Whichever branch you choose, your spouse must max the other one.
- Whatever your offspring roll, add 2
- Complete the frog collection
- Complete the fish collection
- Earn the Technophobe and Health Nut Lifestyles

Side Quests:
- Enter both base game hidden lots (Sylvan Glade & Forgotten Grotto)
- Be BFFs with the Granite Falls Hermit
- Take your family on camping trips every weekend!
- Celebrate every Holiday, and make Nature-based custom ones!

Berry Color: Deep Purple
You spent your entire upbringing outdoors. Gods, you hate it. So, you elect to live underground for the rest of your life. Curse that evil, wretched orb in the sky!
Appearance: longer pointed ears, sharp features, dark skin, white hair
Ability Score Increase: +2 DEX - Max the Fitness Skill, +1 CHA Max the Charisma Skill
Key Trait: Perfectionist
Fey Ancestry
Purchase the “Never Weary” reward trait
Drow Magic
Be a Spellcaster!
Sunlight Sensitivity
Only go outside during the night! (The magic realm counts as night!)

Dwelling: Live anywhere, but only have a tiny access point topside, have your whole home in a series of multi-level underground caves, connected by tunnels and ladders!
Starting Equipment: take half of what your parent had by the time of generational transition, use freerealestate to buy your land. If you don’t have enough money to build your first basement room, cheat, but set your money back after
- Complete the Spellcraft & Sorcery Aspiration
- Don’t have a conventional career, make your money painting and licensing music! (Your spouse may work)
- Have at least one set of twins
- Your heir must be female!
- Complete the fossil
- Earn the Indoorsy Lifestyle!

Side Quests:
- Forgotten Grotto is the only hidden lot you actually enjoyed visiting as a child. Make sure to go there often! (tasty collectibles, mmmh)
- Decorate your personal Underdark with expensive artwork and luxury goods!
- Be BFFs with Grim! He just fits your vibes, y’know

Berry Color: Bright Green
Your mom kept you hidden away underground for most of your life. You yearn to be free of that darkness and experience the vibrance of the surface world - all of it. Oh, and you also have anger issues
Appearance: Muscular, chonky build, smaller, pointed ears
Ability Score Increase: +2 STR, +1 CON Max all physical skills
Key Trait: Hot-Headed
Max the Charisma Skill
Relentless Endurance
Purchase the Seldom Sleepy Reward Trait

Dwelling: Live wherever, in a relatively small hut
Starting Equipment: take half of your parents’ money!
- Complete the Bodybuilder Aspiration
- Complete the Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration
- Take a vacation every weekend!
- Earn the Frequent Traveler and Energetic Lifestyles!

Side Quests:
- Be a total party animal, go out to dance frequently and maybe even meet your spouse there!
- Only wear sleeveless tops. You flexed too hard, and all of your sleeves exploded
- Have a dedicated fitness room!
- Host large feasts with all of your extended family!
- Earn the Junk Food Fiend Lifestyle!

Berry Color: Red
With your mom’s funky lifestyle, it was only a question of time until she actually boinked a fiend, whether that’s your actual parent or someone you never met. You’re brimming with magic and you decide to indulge in it.
Appearance: Red skin, darker (either black or any color) hair, horns, and a tail
Ability Score Increase: +2 CHA, +1 INT Max Charisma and Logic
Key Trait: Genius
Heliish Resistance
Purchase the Heatproof Reward Trait
Infernal Legacy
Be a Spellcaster and cheat yourself the Strong Bloodline trait!

Dwelling: Live on the Ruins or Bluffs lot in Windenburg, you need peace and quiet for your studies!
Starting Equipment: take half of your parents’ money!
- Complete both Spellcaster Aspirations
- Complete the Renaissance Sim and/or Academic Aspirations
- Visit Sixam!
- Have only one child, and that out of wedlock. You didn’t actually mean to have kids, because you were worried about what your infernl heritage might manifest as in your offspring.

Side Quests:
- Earn the Close-Knit Lifestyle!
- Befriend ll three Sages!
- Run a Mages Guild (Club) tht gathers at libraries to nerd out at
- Complete the Space Prints Collection!
- Purchase the Speed Reader Reward Trait

Berry Color: Pink
Your parent was worried you might turn out to be a tiny demon, instead you’re just ... a leetle creecher. Thatse it. You canot change this.
Appearance: Just honestly make yourself s cute as possible, really
Ability Score Increase: +2 INT, +1 DEX Max Logic and Fitness!
Key Trait: Good
Gnome Cunning
Purchase the Savant Reward Trait
Speak with Small Beasts
Max the Pet Training skill and have either a cat or a little dog. Or both!

Dwelling: Live in Glimmerbrook, build yourself a cute little cottage
Starting Equipment: take half of your parents’ money!
- Buy and run a Vet Clinic, max it out!
- Complete the Friend of the Animals and Lord/lady of the Knits Aspirations!
- Max the Baking Skill!
- Have at least three children!

Side Quests:
- Frequent Parks, chat up everyone who doesn’t run away fast enough
- Befriend a dust bunny!
- Use a height mod to be actually really small
- Earn the People Person Lifestyle!

Berry Color: Teal
Your parent was the happy small, you’re the frumpy small. You’re practical and serious, no time for frivolities!
Appearance: Be short and stocky, have a beard if applicable
Ability Score Increase: +2 CON, +2 STR Max Fitness!
Key Trait: Maker
Stone Cunning
Complete the Metal and Fossil Collections

Dwelling: Live wherever, but make your house entirely out of stone!
Starting Equipment: take half of your parents’ money!
- Complete the Omscrian Artefacts Collection
- Complete the Jungle Explorer and Acrhaeology Scholar Aspirations! (diggy diggy hole y’know)
- Keep one of each Collectible you collect and keep them in an underground treasure trove
- Make your money solely by selling collectibles and Authentication mail!

Side Quests:
- Earn the Frequent Traveler Lifestyle!
- Max the Selvadoran Culture skill!
- Use a height mod to be actually really small
- Frequent Bars. You love a good ale.

Berry Color: Light Purple
Your parent was a grouchy, boring old crone. You vow to bring the SPICE back into your line!
Appearance: Be short, but petite, have freckles and pointy ears. Wear a ring if you wanna be very on-the-nose
Ability Score Increase: +2 DEX, +1 CHA Max Fitness and Charisma!
Key Trait: Foodie
Purchase the... well, Brave Reward Trait!

Dwelling: Live wherever, but build a slightly chaotic, multi-story family home!
Starting Equipment: take half of your parents’ money!
- Max Cooking, Gourmet Cooking and Baking!
- Have at least five children, one of which are triplets (god help you)
- Max out the Culinary career
- Once you max the career, start a restaurant with nice, homestyle food!

Side Quests:
- Earn the Junk Food Fiend OR Health Nut Lifestyle!
- Frequent Restaurants, take our your family to eat every Sunday!
- Use a height mod to be actually really small
- Have a veggie garden and only cook what you have the ingredients for!
- Max the Violin Skill and throw rousing parties in which you fiddle for the crowd!

Berry Color: Brass
You were raised on music, good food and community, yet you always felt like you were different. Your parent won’t tell you which dragon they boinked to have you, so you are left alone with you craft, an eternal outsider
Appearance: Have Horns, a Tail and scales, as well as slit pupils
Ability Score Increase: +2 STR, +1 CHA Max Fitness and Charisma!
Key Trait: Loner
Draconic Ancestry
Complete the Crystal and Metal Collections. Dragons like shinies (it’s a stretch, but let me live)
Breath Weapon
If someone is mean to you, burp in their face
Damage Resistance
Purchase the Heat- and Iceproof Reward Traits!

Dwelling: Live in Strangerville, all the weirdos make you feel less out of place
Starting Equipment: take half of your parents’ money!
- Max out the Fabrication, Knitting and Handiness skills
- Gradually replace most of your furniture with stuff you crafted!
- Max out the Freelance crafter Career!
- Complete the Master Maker Aspiration!

Side Quests:
- Earn the Close Knit Lifestyle!
- Max the Research and Debate skill!
- Have a small circle of friends, but make sure to interact with one of them at least once a day in some day (visit, invite over, chat, call on the phone, text...)
- Meet your Spouse in a Maker Space Community lot.
- Open Retail store to sell your carfted items in!
- Don’t sell any collectibles, hoard them!
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