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Default The Sims 3 Enb Series
Does anyone know if there's a sims 3 enb series?
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So I googled it:
English National Ballet
Earth Negotiations Bulletin
Earth and Beyond MMORPG

Which leads me back to: enb?!?
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The ENB Series is a passive graphics driver / utility that runs shaders, such as ssao and reflecting water, on the desired game. It was made for GTA4, but other versions were made for other games like Oblivion, Half Life 2, Crisys, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., mostly first person shooters.

I wouldn't try using any of them with The Sims 3. Better to contact the maker at and request that he consider TS3.
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so will this speed up game play?
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No, but it might make it run slower. I decided to try it with The Sims 2. It crashed. But with The Sims 3 it worked ( with my ATI Radeon 4890! But it did not look good at all to me, too much lighting on white areas and fog and haze. What someone needs to do ( someone other than me ) is find good settings and make a config for it by editing the enbseries.ini.

Download ENBSeries GTASA v0.074c:

No account needed. Just press the blue download button and save it.

When it is downloaded, open the .rar and copy the following files / folders to your C:\...\The Sims 3\Game\Bin Folder:

color ( folder )
quality ( folder )

When you load your game you should see ENB Series printed in the upper left corner of your screen. When in game, press Shift + F12 to switch it on and off and judge for yourself what needs changes.


Pictures added. ENB had some issue with FRAPs, making the interface disappear and reappear whenever I pressed F10. Or does TS3 toggle the interface with F10?
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TS2 always toggled the interface with f10, so I assume it is the same with TS3.
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omg awesome, that could make me wanna play sims3 again!
i got enb for gta IV and EFLC with a damn realistic setting made by a russian guy, but i dont know if the ini would work that good in the sims, more info at gtaforums here:

Okay i finally managed to make it work! (yay!)

i installed EFLC the applied the megapack from the first page of this thread

err... the shadows are kinda too sharp...
and then when i drove around i had the usual sudden brightness change and lights flashing that i had when i was trying different settings on GTA IV.. and it didn't look so realistic..

then i thought, what if i just copy and past ko6a4ok settings in there?


OMFG!! i did it! i got the same quality i have in GTA IV!!!

OMG!! even outside at night!!

since i don't have the trainer mod yet i just go to bed to get to daytime, then wow... still looks good!

and then i go outside and.... ARRRGHH NOOOOOOOOO!!!


okay i guess it's just a matter of decreasing the brightness for day... i'm gonna try to do it but i'm not very good at this, maybe if someone else more experienced could repeat my steps

here are ko6a4ok settings to use:

RELEASES Settings ENB 079 ko6a4ok path .......Big thx Boris Vorontsov


since then i had shadows in eflc thanks to another modder (because rockstar changed the shadow system in a patch, i don't think there would be a shadow problem in the sims)

i can't make any mod myself but maybe someone can use theses info for the sims :p

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Default I know this thread is old but I wanted to add to it
You can get the enb from here:

Its working fine in my game, but I disabled bloom in the settings. Here is what my game looks like now.
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It uhm.....needs work. It's a little dark.

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Originally Posted by AGuyCalledPi
It uhm.....needs work. It's a little dark.

They probably took a picture of the game with a program like Bandicam or something, that makes the game dark like that when taking pictures/videos. If that's the case, it should look fine in-game.

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I still needs work. The shader doesn't seem to do anything besides limiting the game's dynamic range even further and changing the colours a bit. The warm, bloomy lighting is nice though.

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So can this and reshade run at the same time? My guess is no.

Ah, it says that Enb will not work with CCmagic for some reason. Well, CCmagic is worth its weight in gold so.
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I think it looks awful

what does his name even mean?
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Can't run this and Reshade at the same time, no. No point either, because Reshade is more advanced anyway.

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