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Test Subject
#426 Old 25th Jun 2021 at 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by WatermelonSandal
Hmmm yes. Maybe look closer at the eye shape and consider using some monolids. Reference images really help with that kind of thing.

I'll try improving his looks
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Originally Posted by MadzialenaxD
Doesn't need to look Chinese, but I'd love to get chinese outfits and hairstyles for my game :P
He doesn't look like one? At least he resembles the chinese character from a certain drama which I love :D

Nie no pewnie. Ja tam w ogóle tylko białymi gram i nie zwracam uwagi na szczegóły twarzy czy inne detale, tak jak @WatermelonSandal. Wolę grać niż tworzyć simy. Co do chińskich ciuszków, to jest kilka, które doszły wraz z dodatkiem Wymarzone Podróże, ale są moim zdaniem do kitu. Chińskich czy koreańskich seriali nie oglądam. Nie jestem zafascynowany wschodnioazjatyckimi klimatami, chyba że jest to rosyjski daleki wschód.

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I changed Justin's eye colour and shape and now I like them better.
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Default Naylor
#430 Old Yesterday at 3:30 PM
Working on some new sims for Aurora Skies.
Starting to feel like everyone is related to my sims at this point and need some fresh blood.


Jae-Min (probably)

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