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Ghost Town Challenge
I'm playing through this challenge as I can. Find the playlist at

I love branching out and playing with traits, skills or aspirations that I wouldn't normally choose, however, I didn't really like random because of the difficulty in creating a cohesive personality with a story. It also seemed like I would get the same random traits that I hated. This challenge involves strategy in picking traits, aspirations and money making methods, but still forces you to use all of them equally. They cannot be reused until you have cycled through all of the possibilities. Traits also matter again! You must play according to trait specific rules or lose points. Another thing that makes this challenge interesting to me is that each new generation must start over. In other legacy challenges I've tried, after about 3 generations, money isn't an issue. It's optional to start out homeless or start out with a nice home and a ton of debt!

An orphan is raised by a different family. The parent's spirit was released after death and the orphan will never know the parent or even the parent's ghost. All knowledge of ancestry is lost. Determined to start a new legacy, the orphan sets out to repay the family that provided a home. The orphan plans to inspire offspring to collect their family's tombstones and anchor the spirits in New Crest to never forget the achievements of their ancestors. All offspring will also need to make their own way in life just like the founder and not benefit from the parents' wealth. Each new heir will attempt to do unique things never before achieved by other members of the family and establish a legacy that will never be forgotten while discovering and honoring their true selves. This legacy is going to rebuild the world!

Create a household with at least 2 adults and any amount of children and toddlers. No teenagers. You may use mods to adjust household size, but leave room for 1 sim. At least one of the adult sims must be able to get pregnant. Move the household into a lot with a house or build a house. Using money cheats is allowed, but keep track of how much is spent acquiring the lot and house. Make sure the family has enough money to pay bills, buy food and furniture upgrades for the time it takes for a sim baby to grow up. All of the starting household members and the parents of the baby must be normal humans.

Get one of the adults pregnant by any means. If through woohoo, the other parent must be completely human. Cheating is allowed, but gender needs to be random. Have the baby. At this point, the parent or parents need to move out or be killed. If the parents move out, delete that family. If killed, release the ghost and delete the tombstone or urn. The parent sims cannot help care for the baby. The baby is the founder of the legacy, but will be taken care of by the remaining household adults. If you increased your household size via mods, make sure your game can handle autonomous baby and toddler care with the amount of sims in the household or this will be a short challenge.

Rules for all stages
  • No cheats other than bb.moveobjects unless otherwise specified.
  • Customizing appearance is limited to outfits and makeup. Legacy is based on unchangeable genetics and weight has to be controlled by diet and exercise. The parents of the founder may be customized or randomized according to preference.
  • Mods and cc are allowed, but if they add traits, aspirations or careers, you will have to add them to the rules for completion. Mods should be used to increase difficulty or to keep track of challenge items like debt or pregnancy aging. Mods that make the challenge easier are discouraged.
  • Play with the packs you have. If you're missing functionality mentioned in the rules, you can ignore it or skip that part. This will affect how many traits, aspirations, skills and careers are needed to cycle through in order to finish the challenge.
  • You may not control any sim other than the founder and offspring. Any sim married into the family or adopted is not controllable even if part of the household. Exceptions are listed below.
    • Hiring nannies, butlers, repairmen, pizza delivery or any other services.
    • Stocking a buffet table is allowed.
    • Order earbuds and turn them on from inventory.
    • Instructing any sim to adopt the founder or other children as dependents.
    • Locking and unlocking doors and computers.
    • Paying bills by any means available.
    • Voting on neighborhood action plans (eco lifestyle).
    • Reset sims who are bugged.
    • Queueing up one action if autonomy isn't assigning anything even after resetting.
    • Instructing sims to “go home” if they are off the lot.
    • Bake a cake in order to age up and add birthday candles.
    • Age up a baby and help blow out candles if a toddler.
    • Schedule a birthday party event if it's someone's birthday.
    • Waking up a sleeping sim when their energy bar is full.
    • Take a photo or paint a picture of the legacy sims. Cheating painting skill is allowed for non-legacy sims. You may also create a temporary sim to be part of the household to capture special events such as weddings with painting or photography.
    • Autonomy has a lot of bugs right now, so try to be reasonable. If a sim is doing something unreasonable or something they shouldn't be able to do, you can cancel that action and queue a more reasonable action. I've had sims with no herbalism skill or ingredients constantly brewing destressing potions. I've had children stuck on the swings and would not sleep even though about to pass out.
  • Any lifespan setting may be used, but normal is recommended. Aging must be on for all sims. Sims can be aged up after completing their life-stage goals if you're impatient or on their birthday unless otherwise specified. Keep in mind that reaching teen too early may force you to move out potential heirs if the current legacy sim hasn't completed their goals.
    • Babies must always age up on their birthday.
    • Toddlers must reach 5 (3 for potty) in all skills to age up.
    • Children must have an A in school and their child aspiration completed.
    • Teens must have an A in school.
    • It doesn't make sense to age up an adult early, but if you're passing on the legacy to the next generation, you may age up a young adult or adult to elder in order to expedite death by old age.
    • No reward store purchases for extending life. You may extend life through skills or occult means if the sim has an aspiration for that occult or skill. For example, a mage with a mage related aspiration can attempt to extend the mage's life only, not others. A mage from birth due to genetics without a mage related aspiration may not use any life extension methods.
    • If playing on normal lifespan, a maximum of 28 days (1 sim year) is allowed as an elder that cannot die due to old age. Adjust for longer/shorter lifespan settings.
    • Once a method has been used for extending life, it may not be used again on that sim. A failed attempt still counts. For example, if the potion fails, you can't try again with that potion.
    • Pregnancy may not be used to extend life. Either get a mod that allows aging during pregnancy, or keep track of the days. You get 24 days as a young adult and 24 days as an adult on normal lifespan. After that time, you must age up the sim. If currently pregnant, age up the sim as soon as the baby is born.
    • Vampires have a time limit of twice the normal life span to achieve their goals. If playing on normal lifespan, this is (24+24+10)*2=116 days. Sims cannot live forever. The seasons calendar will make it easier to keep track of weeks/years instead of days. It also would be easier to track by aging a vampire up normally after 48 days as young adult and adult.
    • After a legacy sim has passed on the legacy to the next heir, you may kill the old legacy sim by any means or wait for old age. Cheats and mods are allowed to collect tombstones.
    • The wishing well can be used to extend life and for all other requests, but there are restrictions. The current legacy sim must purchase a well. No using wells on other lots. You may only use the well when it has a neutral, mischievous or deadly face. You may only give $100 or $1,000 as offerings. Tread carefully. You may only ask for one of each wish type once per life-stage regardless of the result.
  • Reward store traits are determined by toddler trait with a couple of exceptions. You may not cheat reward points and you may only purchase rewards that are listed here. All other rewards are prohibited.
    • Angelic: Always Welcome, Cold Acclimation, Beguiling, Antiseptic, Connections
    • Charmer: Great Storyteller, Incredibly Friendly, Antiseptic, Connections, Great Kisser
    • Clingy: Always Welcome, Observant, Shameless, Steel Bladder, Fertile
    • Fussy: Speed Cleaner, Marketable, Entrepreneurial, Hardly Hungry, Storm Chaser
    • Independent: Night Owl, Speed Reader, Entrepreneurial, Independent, Savant
    • Inquisitive: Morning Sim, Speed Reader, Entrepreneurial, Independent, Savant
    • Silly: Waterproof, Creative Visionary, Shameless, Steel Bladder, Carefree
    • Wild: Gym Rat, Heat Acclimation, Storm Chaser, Professional Slacker, Seldom Sleepy
    • Any cooking or herbalism aspiration as an adult: Stoves and Grills Master
    • Any nature aspiration: Super Green Thumb
  • All adult aspirations and traits cannot be changed once selected. Do not repeat traits or aspirations in the legacy until all have been used. Only legacy sims count for repeats.
    • The exception to the repeat rule is non-completion. If the aspiration or trait isn't completed by the current legacy sim, then it may be repeated until it is completed. This means hard aspirations and traits cannot be ignored.
    • For children, do not choose an aspiration that doesn't have an available money making option as an adult. Unfortunately, there aren't as many career options for the child Motor aspiration, so that one will need to be chosen less often.
    • For teens, do not choose an aspiration that requires a specific career unless your sim is eligible for that career. Career options are determined by childhood aspirations.
    • For lots, choose traits that will follow the active legacy sim. If living on a lot that has fewer free slots, then just choose for the remaining slots. Do not repeat until all lot traits have been used. Every time the active legacy sim moves, the lot traits must follow and you must move into a lot that has enough changeable slots for your lot traits. If the initial lot had only 2 free slots and the legacy sim moves to a lot with 3 slots, only the 2 random lot traits can be used on the new lot. If the legacy sim attends university on campus, you can temporarily ignore lot traits, but the same traits have to be reinstated once the legacy sim moves off campus for any reason.
    • For toddler traits, pick a unique one until all have been used. Cycle through them so all are used equally.
  • Traveling from one place to another costs money.
    • I'm working on a mod to track this as I haven't found any mods out there that do it.
    • $100 for traveling between neighborhoods at world select.
    • $10 for traveling between world views in the same neighborhood.
    • No charge if you can see the lot from where you currently are. Groups within neighborhoods are visible on the world map.
    • No charge for portals, rocket ship travel, wormhole travel or scripted questions to secret areas.
    • No charge for toddlers.
    • 50% charge for children, but no charge for going to school from home. If not at home, charge the rate for traveling to the home lot to catch the bus.
    • 70% charge for teens, but no charge for going to school from home. If not at home, charge the rate for traveling to the home lot to catch the bus.
    • 80% charge for currently enrolled university students. You must pay to get to class. $80 (discount already applied) if you don't live in the Brightchester neighborhood and $8 (with discount) if you live in off campus housing in Brightchester. No charge if you live on campus. Charges are one way! To avoid multiple charges per day, you can travel to Brightchester and spend time between classes in the commons area of your university.
    • 90% charge for elders.
    • 200% charge for not having enough money on hand in household funds to pay at the time of travel. Other discounts still apply.
    • Vampires with the always move as bat or always teleport options enabled may travel for free. Neighborhood changes require Prime (level 3) or higher or you have to pay.
    • Mages with the always use brooms or always teleport options enabled may travel for free. Neighborhood changes require Acolyte (level 3) or higher or you have to pay.
  • Traveling to the following community lots for any reason triggers an entrance fee charge. This is so you cannot use facilities that you did not pay for.
    • There is a mod to track this. It won't work if you don't have the household funds and you have to add the “Entrance Fee” lot trait to all business lots.
    • Toddlers are free and children are 50% off.
    • Pool $30
    • Gym $60
    • Karaoke Bar $60
    • Lounge $90
    • Club $120
    • Relaxation Center $150
    • Generic/VisitorAllowed Venues $80
    • Arts Center $50
    • Museum $40
    • Library $40

Special trait rules.

Following all current trait rules allow the legacy sim to be happy and focus on earning money. If any money like royalties or vacation pay come in while a trait rule is in violation, you must subtract that amount from your household funds. If you are currently at work, you must leave early and cannot go to work. You may not collect or make anything that could be sold. You may not sell anything and businesses need to be closed. Trait rules only apply once the trait is selected and is not retroactive. A child will follow only 1 rule, a teen only 2 and adults will have to follow 3.
  • Active sims need to exercise at least once a day in order to not get the “not enough exercise” moodlet. Getting this moodlet at any time disables the ability to earn money until the moodlet is removed.
  • Ambitious sims need to get promoted. Getting the “promotion anxiety” or Unemployed! moodlet at any time means money making is disabled until the moodlet is removed. You cannot go to work with this moodlet in order to get promoted, so either get regular promotions or resolve it some other way. You should pick a career money making method with this sim or things might go badly. You can get a job with the moodlets (if you haven't picked a money making method yet or need a new one due to the noncommittal trait), but you cannot go to work or earn money until solving the moodlet.
  • Art lover sims must either discuss art or admire art once every 24 sim hours. Doing art interactions resets the timer, but it's not cumulative. Doing 2 interactions in a row only gains you 24 sim hours, not 48.
  • Bookworm sims must either discuss books or analyze books once every 24 sim hours.
  • Bro sims need to bro hug or bro bump other bros or watch sports until they get the related confident buff at least once every 24 sim hours. Also, their social need cannot be red or it disables money making.
  • Cat lover sims need to have at least one living cat at all times as a companion in order to make money. Ghost cats are optional, but do not satisfy the requirement. If any cat gets sick, you have to take the cat to the vet or cure the sickness yourself as your first priority. If your only cat runs away, you cannot earn money until you find your cat or get a new cat. If your only cat dies, you have to get a new cat. Whenever any cat asks you for something, you have to drop what you're doing and satisfy the request. This doesn't apply if you are currently at work. If a cat asks another family member for something, you can ignore the request if that family member isn't also a cat lover. Multiple cats will mean more maintenance, but less chance for a gap in money making if one runs away or dies. You may sell anything your cat brings you for money.
  • Cheerful sims cannot have a sad moodlet for any reason even if it's not the main mood. The sad moodlet needs to be removed before any money can be made.
  • Childish sims need to play with toys every 24 sim hours. Playing with a toy for at least 30 sim minutes or the action completes resets this timer.
  • Child of the Islands sims need to win the favor of the island spirits at least once and participate in successfully cleaning up the islands to complete the trait. They may also turn into a mermaid via a rewards store purchase, but it's not required. They may also marry a mermaid if desired. If the current legacy sim, they must live in Sulani.
  • Child of the ocean sims must turn into a mermaid and may marry mermaids. They cannot chose the fishing skill or job for money making purposes. Getting any of the harming or eating fish moodlets disables all money making until the moodlet goes away. If the current legacy sim, they must live in Sulani.
  • Clumsy sims cannot chose a money making method that involves being artistic with fine details or working with their hands such as fishing, gardening, cooking, mixology, painting, wood working, handiness, musical instruments, etc. They can do social creative skills like comedy and acting. They can do mental skills like logic and being a lawyer or judge. They cannot be professional athletes, but body builders are OK. There are no conditions that disable money making with any of the allowed methods. You may not repair any object yourself. Hire a professional, have family members (not clumsy) do it or pay to replace it.
  • Creative sims need to be creative. Getting the “feeling uncreative” moodlet at any time disables the ability to earn money until the moodlet is gone.
  • Dance machine sims need to dance. Getting a bored moodlet for not dancing at any time means disables money making until the moodlet is resolved.
  • Dog lover sims need to have at least one living dog at all times as a companion in order to make money. Ghost dogs are optional, but do not satisfy the requirement. If any dog gets sick, you have to take the dog to the vet or cure the sickness yourself as your first priority. If your only dog runs away, you cannot earn money until you find your dog or get a new dog. If your only dog dies, you have to get a new dog. Whenever any dog asks you for something, you have to drop what you're doing and satisfy the request. This doesn't apply if you are currently at work. If a dog asks another family member for something, you can ignore the request if that family member isn't also a dog lover. Multiple dogs will mean more maintenance, but less chance for a gap in money making if one runs away or dies. You may sell anything your dog brings you for money.
  • Erratic sims need to use one of the talk to themselves interactions at least once every 24 sim hours in order to make money. They also need to use a minimum of 5 social interactions following their trend for the day. When socializing for the day, pick a random number 1-12 and use the following socials for that day. This resets at midnight each sim day and a new random number needs to be chosen. Autonomous interactions are exempt from this rule and you don't have to prevent them. If you get one of the erratic trait buffs, you can add that category of interaction back into your available options only for while the buff lasts. Happy – friendly. Angry – mean. Flirty – romantic. Sad – pick mischievous or funny to try to cheer yourself up.
    • 1: No friendly interactions. Any other category is allowed.
    • 2: No funny interactions. Any other category is allowed.
    • 3: No mischievous interactions. Any other category is allowed.
    • 4: No romance interactions. Any other category is allowed.
    • 5: No mean interactions. Any other category is allowed.
    • 6: Only friendly interactions.
    • 7: Only funny interactions.
    • 8: Only mischievous interactions.
    • 9: Only romance interactions.
    • 10: Only mean interactions.
    • 11: Any social interaction.
    • 12: No social interactions with other sims. Talking to yourself only.
  • Evil sims need to attain an atrocious reputation and achieve gold status on a Lampoon party or the trait cannot be completed. Your relationship list must contain more negative relationships than positive relationships or it disables money making. Any relationship with a red bar counts as negative even if the descriptor hasn't changed. A sim with a green friend bar and red romance bar still counts as negative and the same goes for the reverse. Don't count any family or ancestry relationships as they need to be all positive. You can do this check once a day at midnight and then fix it to earn money. Keeping track of it at all times would be hard if your relationship list is big. This is harder than it sounds because sims tend to be friendly unless forced to be mean. Even mischievous interactions are mostly positive.
  • Family oriented sims must have at least 4 children and be good friends with all immediate family members or the trait cannot be completed. Any sad buff from missing family disables money making until the moodlet is resolved.
  • Foodie sims need to avoid a red hunger bar and any moodlet associated with poor food or drink. Money making is disabled until the moodlet is solved or hunger is satisfied.
  • Freegan sims need to avoid spending (800+ simoleons) and earning too many simoleons. Getting a tense moodlet for earning or spending at any time disables money making until the moodlet is resolved.
  • Geek sims need to play video games. Getting the “need video games” moodlet at any time disables money making until the moodlet is resolved. They must also complete a collection to be considered complete.
  • Genius sims need to engage in mental activities. Getting the “unchallenged” moodlet at any time disables the ability to earn money until the moodlet is gone.
  • Gloomy sims can have any other main emotion other than happy. They may have happy moodlets, but it needs to boost another mood like inspired, playful, etc. All negative emotions and fine are also OK. If happy becomes the main emotion, the ability to earn money is disabled until another main emotion takes over.
  • Glutton sims need to eat and avoid letting their hunger need get red. Letting their hunger need become red at any time disables the ability to earn money until raising hunger above red.
  • Good sims need to maintain a pristine reputation to complete the trait. They may not have any negative relationships or it disables making money until the relationship is mended.
  • Goofball sims need to do something goofy every 24 sim hours before earning money. Playing in the rain, stomping in puddles, starting a mud/snowball/waterballoon fight, etc. Get creative, but just telling jokes does not count. Using the goof around interaction can count every other day, but switch it up. You can do 2 goofy things a day (spread hours apart) to overlap and avoid any gaps in money making as each goofy thing resets the timer to 24 sim hours. It does not stack. You cannot do 5 goofy things, for example and ignore goofy things for the next 5 days. It's still 24 sim hours from the completion of the last goofy thing.
  • Green fiend sims need to move into a lot where the neighborhood has a neutral eco footprint and change it to a green eco footprint in order to complete the trait. Their lot cannot be industrial at any time or it disables money making methods.
  • Hot-headed sims need to rile other sims up at least every 24 sim hours to earn money. Each rile up interaction resets the 24 hour timer.
  • Hates Children sims need to separate themselves from their baby, toddler and child offspring as much as possible. They still need to have an heir. You may change the gender customizations for your sim so that a female with this trait doesn't have to get pregnant. Split the house so the parent sim has private quarters and prevent the children from entering. The spouse needs to do all of the work to care for the children or you can hire nannies and butlers. You cannot care for your own children or interact with them until they are teenagers. Getting an angry moodlet from trying for baby, being pregnant or being around toddlers or children prevents money making until the moodlet is resolved. Once all other goals are met for this sim, you can socialize with the younger offspring in order to satisfy the relationship requirements of the challenge, but you cannot earn money at that point.
  • Insider sims must belong to at least one club and go to a gathering at least once a sim week for at least 2 sim hours. The bored moodlet “Curious about clubs” disables money making until the moodlet is resolved.
  • Jealous sims cannot make money while any jealous moodlet is active. Most of them are related to catching your love interest cheating or not being around them, but there's also a moodlet for not being in a relationship and seeing others who are.
  • Kleptomaniac sims need to swipe things. They can also sell any swiped item for cash, but this counts as a money making method. Both the trait and the money making method need to be available to choose this trait, so this trait will be chosen less often. The “Needs to Swipe!” moodlet means you drop what you're doing to steal anything from anyone and can't be careful about it. If you get the moodlet for getting caught, you cannot steal again until it's resolved.
  • Lazy sims cannot earn any money because they have to be unemployed. If a child or teen is lazy, then they cannot do homework or go to school. Because they have no goals and are a drain, they may not age up early except for wishing well mishaps. They do not have to complete their aspiration, repay their debt or move out. Moving is hard work. Once the lazy sim is a teen and chosen to carry on the legacy, then the parent must retire and not earn any further money. This is the only case where a legacy sim may use the parents' funds. If the lazy sim is a young adult, they may make money in their child and teen years, but cannot as an adult. They also don't get to use the parents' funds since they have already moved out before becoming lazy. The house must contain separate bedrooms for the parents, lazy sim and any offspring. There must be a comfortable bed, TV, comfortable couch, computer, kitchen, bathtub (not just a shower) and anything else required for living. No furniture or household items can be uncomfortable and a minimum comfort rating of 5 is required if that item can be comfortable. You may not do any chores. Hire a maid or let family clean up. You may not exercise. A tense moodlet from autonomously doing chores or uncomfortable moodlet from exercising means you can only nap or sleep until it's resolved. You may not wake up prematurely regardless of the circumstances. You have to wait for the action to complete. Any time someone calls you and asks you to go somewhere, you have to go unless you're sleeping. Lazy sims are about doing what feels good. They're still social.
  • Loner sims cannot go out when invited. They also cannot earn money if they have the “Stranger Danger” or “Socially Awkward” moodlets until they resolve.
  • Loves outdoors sims cannot get the “Cooped up!” moodlet from staying inside too long. Getting this moodlet disables money making until it's resolved.
  • Maker sims need to make things on the fabricator, candle maker, juice fizzer or woodworking table. Getting a sad moodlet for not making things at any time means money making is disabled until the moodlet is resolved.
  • Materialistic sims cannot get the “Stale surroundings” moodlet from not buying new things for too long. Getting this moodlet disables money making until it's resolved.
  • Mean sims need to balance their friendly and mean interactions. In order to be friendly, you have to be mean first, but not necessarily to the same sim. For every mean interaction, you may have 1 friendly or romance interaction. For every mischievous interaction, you may have 1 funny interaction. Autonomous actions don't count. Keep a running score and if mean interactions or mischievous interactions are lower, then you may not make money until making up the difference.
  • Music lover sims need to listen to music. Getting a tense moodlet for not listening to music at any time means money making is disabled until the moodlet is resolved.
  • Neat sims must get rid of the uncomfortable moodlet from dirty surroundings before doing anything else. Getting this moodlet at any time means money making is disabled until the moodlet is resolved by cleaning. They cannot resolve it by going in a different room. They cannot go to work if there is a dirty dish or trash in the house.
  • Noncommittal sims have special rules for completion. Paying off debt is optional for completion because of all of the switching. Any time the sim gets tense due to commitment issues, everything must change. You may not make money again until all of the following are completed. Getting rid of the tense moodlet is optional and doesn't change the fact all of the following need to be completed before making money again.
    • Any romantic interests must be asked to just be friends. Having any further children with those relationships is not allowed. The divorced spouse must move out even if there are currently children in the house. The children stay with the legacy sim.
    • Move to another lot owned by a previous legacy sim that the noncommittal sim has not occupied yet. If there is no available lots, then move into a pre-built lot or apartment. You may not build a new house or take anything with you.
    • Any job or university degree must be quit and a new money method chosen according to the rules. Do not use a method previously used by this sim. Methods completed by previous legacy sims may be used only after all other methods are exhausted.
    • Aspiration must change. Do not use an aspiration previously used by this sim. Aspirations completed by previous legacy sims may be used only after all other methods are exhausted.
    • If the sim is an occult class and does not get a new aspiration for that occult, then change to human if possible.
    • This trait may not complete an aspiration, max a skill or reach top level in a career. If the sim with this trait does any of those things, it triggers a complete change just like the tense moodlet. That completion also does not count for the challenge requirements.
    • The only thing you can complete with this sim is the noncommittal trait, but that completion is practically guaranteed since paying down debt is optional. You still have to maintain the appropriate relationships with ancestors and family.
  • Outgoing sims need to socialize and avoid letting their social need get red. Letting their social need become red at any time disables money making. Any time someone calls to ask you to go out, you have to go, even if sleeping or working. You must be friends with at least 10 sims not in the household, good friends with at least 5 others and have a best friend. You cannot make money until you have at least 16 friends not in the household.
  • Paranoid sims need to live in a basement and share conspiracy theories at least once every 24 sim hours. You must accuse others of spying and change passwords on computers at least once a sim week. Every member of the household needs their own room (not necessarily in the basement unless also paranoid) and a computer with security settings set appropriately. You cannot share computers. Everyone must fix their own computer if it breaks or replace it. You cannot hire services for anything. That's a security risk! Traits that require hiring services cannot be chosen. The tense moodlet from hearing others whispering requires you to hide out in your basement and not make any money until the moodlet resolves.
  • Perfectionist sims need to craft items. At least one item must be crafted every 24 sim hours. Getting the “Imperfect Work” moodlet means you cannot sell that item at all even if otherwise permitted. You may not earn any money or continue crafting any items until the moodlet resolves.
  • Recycle disciple sims will swipe stuff if they haven't recycled in a while. It's not necessary to avoid the tense moodlet, but if you get it, you must stop controlling the sim until they've swiped something. You cannot cancel the action or queue up other actions to stop them. Money making is disabled until the moodlet is resolved.
  • Romantic sims need to flirt. Getting the “lovelorn” moodlet at any time disables the ability to earn money until the moodlet is removed.
  • Self-Absorbed sims need to socialize. Getting a tense moodlet for not socializing at any time or having a red social need disables the ability to earn money until the condition is resolved.
  • Self-Assured sims cannot have any embarrased moodlets even if it's not the main emotion. Money making is disabled until the moodlet is resolved. They must also “Propose crazy scheme” once every 24 sim hours in order to keep earning money.
  • Slobs cannot clean. Hire a maid or let other household members clean. Try to stop autonomous cleaning.
  • Snob sims must avoid the “Uninspiringly decorated” moodlet while on their home lot. Getting that moodlet at any time means money making is disabled.
  • Squeamish sims must get rid of the uncomfortable moodlet from dirty surroundings before doing anything else. Getting this moodlet at any time means money making is disabled until the moodlet is resolved by cleaning. Making money is also disabled if getting an uncomfortable moodlet for any reason described in the trait description or after cleaning.
  • Unflirty sims cannot earn money if they get any negative moodlet for social awkwardness. They still need to find a partner to have at least one child for an heir.
  • Vegetarian sims cannot eat meat and get the related sad an uncomfortable moodlets. If they do, money making is disabled until the moodlet is resolved. They must also evangelize vegetarianism at least once every 24 sim hours.

Rules for earning money
  • Only the active legacy sim and potential child heirs may have a job or earn money in any way. Spouses, siblings or other relatives cannot earn money.
  • Selling furniture, items or lot structures isn't allowed. If you want to get rid of it, either store it in household inventory or sell it and reset your money using cheats back to what it was. Placing an item in build mode and then undoing for a full refund because you changed your mind is permitted. Once you close build mode, your purchases are permanent. If you own a retail store and are permitted to earn money that way, you may sell household items there if they fit the category of your store. You cannot sell a bed in a bakery for example.
  • Harvestables, collectables, frogs bred, dumpster dives, trash rummages and fishing items may not be sold unless the sim is specifically allowed to sell them or put them in an appropriate retail store. You may grow or collect harvestables for food. You may collect and use items found without selling them.
  • The recycling trash can can't be used to gain money.
  • Children of the current legacy sim may earn money and join after school activities according to their aspiration or select traits.
    • Motor: collecting and selling items found, breeding and selling frogs. After school activity: scout
    • Creative: playing instruments for tips, drawing and crafts. After school activity: drama club
    • Mental: fishing and making potions After school activity: scout
    • Social: recording videos to upload and streaming. After school activity: drama club
    • Freegan or Recycle Disciple trait: Allows rummaging in dumpsters and trash cans to sell the items regardless of their aspiration.
    • Geek: collecting and selling items found (not frogs or plants)
    • Kleptomaniac: Selling swiped items only
  • Teens may continue activities they did as a child, get a part time job according to their child aspiration and earn money based on any new traits. This job won't count as an adult having that job for completion purposes.
    • Motor: manual labor, lifeguard
    • Creative: barista, fast food employee
    • Mental: none
    • Social: retail employee, fast food employee, babysitter, barista
  • Adults may choose only 1 way to make money with a job, skill or business. Actions required by a job for daily tasks or reward interactions as a result of having a specific job like pickpocketing from the criminal career or streaming video games for e-sports may also generate money. The job that may be chosen is based on the child aspiration. Once a method is chosen, it cannot be used again until all are completed. Careers don't count as completed unless the top level of the career is reached. Skills need to be maxed to count as completed. If a skill doesn't have an obvious way of generating money, try to get creative. You can own a retail store that sells related items. You can create videos doing the activity and upload them via the media station.
    • Motor Careers: astronaut, athlete, marine biologist, detective, military, gardening, diver, manual labor, lifeguard
    • Motor Skills: Bowling, Dancing, Fitness, Gardening, Juice Fizzing, Vampire Lore, Video Gaming, Wellness, Collecting items and frog breeding (no plants), Kleptomaniac trait, Freegan or Recycle Disciple trait (dumpster diving and trash rummaging)
    • Creative: actor, critic, culinary, musician, freelance writer, freelance artist, floral designer, painter, public relations, style influencer, writer, freelance crafter, freelance digital artist, freelance fashion photographer, barista, fast food
    • Creative Skills: Baking, Cooking, DJ Mixing, Flower Arranging, Guitar, Knitting, Photography, Painting, Piano, Pipe Organ, Singing, Violin, Writing
    • Mental Careers: astronaut, business, civil designer, conservationist, oracle, detective, doctor, education, engineer, freelance programmer, botanist, judge, covert operator, scientist, secret agent, tech guru, author, veterinarian, fisherman
    • Mental Skills: Archeology, Fabrication, Fishing, Handiness, Herbalism, Logic, Programming, Research, Robotics, Rocket Science
    • Social Careers: actor, business, civic planner, comedian, environmental manager, criminal, arts critic, mixologist, education, private attorney, officer, politician, social media, secret agent, style influencer, start up entrepreneur, retail, fast food, babysitter, barista
    • Social Skills: Charisma, Comedy, Acting, Debate, Media Production, Mischief, Mixology, Parenting, Pet Training, Selvadorian Culture
  • University degrees may be gained based on the career path chosen. Some career paths will require a degree before starting. It doesn't have to be a distinguished degree to start the career unless this is the first time that degree is chosen during the challenge.
    • For scholarships, only motor kids can apply for the soccer scholarship and only mental kids can apply for the e-sports competitor scholarship. Each one must be completed at least once during the challenge.
    • University students may earn money by tutoring or practicing skills related to their classes as long as that skill is not maxed. For example, once your gardening skill is 10, you may not sell any more harvestables.
    • For skills based money earning, no degree is allowed.

List of degrees for careers
Career | Branch | Required | Degree
Actor | none | no | Drama
Detective | none | yes | Psychology
Doctor | none | yes | Biology
Scientist | none | yes | Physics
Astronaut | Space Ranger | yes | Physics
Astronaut | Interstellar Smuggler | yes | Villainy
Athlete | Professional Athlete | yes | any | requires Soccer Team Player scholarship
Athlete | Body Builder | no | Biology
Business | Management | yes | Communications
Business | Investor | yes | Economics
Civil Designer | Green Technician | yes | Physics
Civil Designer | Civic Planner | yes | Communications
Conservationist | Environmental Manager | yes | Economics
Conservationist | Marine Biologist | yes | Biology
Criminal | Boss | no | Villainy
Criminal | Oracle | yes | Computer Science
Critic | Arts Critic | yes | Art History
Critic | Food Critic | yes | Culinary Arts
Culinary | Chef | no | Culinary Arts
Culinary | Mixologist | no | none
Education | Administrator | yes | Economics
Education | Professor | yes | Psychology
Engineer | Computer Engineer | yes | Computer Science
Engineer | Mechanical Engineer | yes | Physics
Entertainer | Musician | no | Fine Art
Entertainer | Comedian | no | Drama
Freelancer | Crafter | no | Fine Art
Freelancer | Digital Artist | no | Fine Art
Freelancer | Fashion Photographer | no | Fine Art
Freelancer | Programmer | no | Computer Science
Freelancer | Writer | no | Language & Literature
Gardener | Botanist | yes | Biology
Gardener | Floral Designer | no | Fine Art
Law | Judge | yes | History
Law | Private Attorney | yes | Language & Literature
Military | Officer | no | History
Military | Covert Operator | yes | Psychology
Painter | Master of the Real | no | Fine Art
Painter | Patron of the Arts | no | Art History
Politician | Politician | yes | History
Politician | Charity Organizer | no | Communications
Secret Agent | Diamond Agent | yes | Psychology
Secret Agent | Villain | yes | Villainy
Social Media | Internet Personality | no | Drama
Social Media | Public Relations | yes | Communications
Style Influencer | Trend Setter | no | Art History
Style Influencer | Stylist | no | Fine Art
Tech Guru | eSport Gamer | yes | Computer Science | requires E-Sports Competitor scholarship
Tech Guru | Start-up Entrepreneur | yes | Computer Science
Writer | Author | yes | Language & Literature
Writer | Journalist | yes | Communications
Babysitter | none | no | none
Barista | none | no | none
Diver | none | no | none
Fast Food Employee | none | no | none
Fisherman | none | no | none
Lifeguard | none | no | none
Manual Laborer | none | no | none
Retail Employee | none | no | none
Veterinarian | none | yes | Biology

Stage 1: Survive as a baby, toddler then child without being taken away.
Rules specific to challenge 1 only:
  • No reward store trait purchases for any sim other than the founder following the main rules.
  • Any child that ages up to teenager must move out. You can delete the teen from the household, kill the teen or age the teen up to adult to move out. Cheats or mods that allow a teenager to move out are allowed. That teen must then be replaced by a new toddler. The new toddler does not count for scoring.
  • In order to keep adults in the household, any adult that dies may be replaced by the next child to age up to a teenager. That teen does not have to move out or be replaced by a toddler, but the teen must wait to age up to adult until it's the sim's birthday. This also counts as an additional adult for scoring purposes.
  • Keep track of all starting funds and money cheated as you will need to pay it back. The easiest thing to do would be to cheat the household funds to 1,000,000 simoleons before buying a lot and building a house. When the founder moves out, subtract the remaining funds from 1,000,000 to figure out how much debt you have. For example, 800,000 in household funds means you spent 200,000.
  • Score is determined by having as little debt as possible. The calculation is: (amount spent x number of adults) / (number of children). Children count as half points (0.5), but toddlers count as 1 full point for this calculation. The founder counts as 1. Even if an adult dies, that sim counts for the total including the parent of the founder. Minimum of 2 adults will count for scoring. If a child is taken away before reaching teen and moving out, that child does NOT count for the score. This means that having more adults will cost you, but having more children will lower the debt. Using this calculation, higher scores are actually bad as they indicate higher debt.
  • Nannies and butlers do not count as household adults since their services cost money.

Stage 2: Establish the Legacy.
  • Have the founder move out and calculate funds.
  • Once the founder reaches teenager in stage 1, calculate the score and move out. There are ways to do this without mods. You cannot take anything with you.
  • You may purchase any lot and build any house you like, but keep track of how much is spent.
  • Keep the lot traits from stage 1.
  • Decide how much money you want to start with and set the household funds to that amount using cheats.
  • Your debt is (score from stage 1) + ((cost of house and lot + starting household funds) * 2)

Stage 3: Guide the legacy sim through life stages.
  • Earn money following the main rules.
  • Pay down the debt as much as possible by cheating away money and subtracting it from the total debt. Debt will be passed on to the future legacy sims.
  • Age up to an adult after getting an A in highschool or wait until your birthday. Choose a method for making money. Any teen/child money methods are lost at that point.
  • At some point, the legacy sim needs to have a relationship and get married.
    • Timing is up to you, but you must have a baby in order to pass on the legacy, no adoptions.
    • You may only marry a human unless it makes sense from your traits, aspiration or job that you marry an occult sim. Having an occult aspiration allows marriage to that occult type. Having a scientist or astronaut job allows marrying aliens. Being a lifeguard, diver or marine biologist or having the child of the ocean/islands traits allows marrying mermaids.
    • The spouse must move into the household and be converted to a ghost on death with the sim's tombstone stored in New Crest.
    • Your spouse must be able to either “become pregnant” or “get others pregnant”. You cannot change the spouses gender or customize the gender.
    • You may customize your current legacy sim's gender to either “become pregnant” or “get others pregnant” regardless of the birth gender. This allows for all types of relationships and still preserves the genetics portion of the legacy. It also allows for a female elder to have a child if she waits too long.
    • Noncommittal sims who get tense and have to stop all romantic relationships must get a divorce if married.
      • If the sim already has children by the spouse, the spouse still has to move out, but needs to end up in the New Crest graveyard eventually. Give the separating spouse 20,000 from household funds and move the spouse into a starter home. If you don't have enough household funds, pay as much as you can and add the remainder to the debt. Any amount added to debt must be multiplied by 2. The children stay with the legacy parent. To make it easier to collect the tombstone, you can add younger sims to the separating spouse's household so the household won't vanish when the spouse dies of old age. Just make sure at least one of the younger sims are old enough to be at least a teen when the spouse dies. Once the spouse dies of old age, you can visit the lot to collect the tombstone or play as the spouse's household to place the tombstone.
      • If the sim has no children by the spouse, just move the spouse out with no funds or with cheated funds. The ex-spouse will not be in the New Crest graveyard. The legacy sim needs to find a new partner to marry and have children.
    • Amount of children is up to you (unless traits require more), but only one child will be chosen to carry on the legacy.
    • You can control all potential legacy children until one of them is declared chosen.
    • All siblings need to end up in the New Crest graveyard when dead.
    • Children may have different traits and aspirations, but they must all be available to the next legacy sim. They can also have the same traits and/or aspirations as only one can be chosen for the next legacy sim.
    • When a child ages up to teen, that child must either be chosen for the next legacy sim or move out as not chosen. The teen has to be placed on a lot in game. Funds may be cheated.
    • Once you have chosen a child as the next legacy sim (at teenager), your time is up to repay your debt, complete your aspirations and max your skill or career. You must retire from your job and close any businesses.

Stage 4: Carry on the legacy.
  • Once a teenager is chosen to carry on the legacy, use the parent's remaining funds to pay off any remaining debt from the parent.
  • If the parent is completely debt free without the money that the new heir earned as a child, you may take that money with you when you move out, but it will not add to the parent's score. Otherwise, all child funds are considered part of the parent's household funds.
  • Make arrangements for the other living relatives.
    • You may kill the parent and any other relatives at this point if you wish by any means including cheats and mods. You may also allow them to die of old age later, but that makes collecting tombstones trickier.
    • If the parent had one of the aspirations that wasn't completable without an adult child, then you cannot kill the parent until the aspiration is completed.
    • After death, collect the tombstones and strengthen their connection to the world. I've found that this effect is temporary with long running games, so there are several options to protect your ghost town.
      • Mods that stop sim culling. They may not stop relationship culling.
      • Summon the ghost and make them part of the household, then split them off into a new household and move them into a lot in New Crest. Keep the household marked as playable. This may eventually affect performance.
      • Keep visiting graves and strengthening connections when you get a message that a relative's connection to the world is weakening. You may need to use mods and cheats to summon ghosts in order to communicate with them.
      • You may decide to allow ghosts to be culled or delete them if they are greater than 3 generations of separation and not the legacy sim. So, the founder may never be deleted, but the founder's spouse eventually may be deleted after 4 generations.
    • Build up New Crest using any method you like. Money cheats allowed. It doesn't need to be homes like what the living need as the ghosts cannot continue having jobs. It can look like a graveyard or a shrine to the magnificence of the legacy. It can also be homes if you wish, but living sims cannot move there. Make sure to have ghost households occupying the lots to prevent the game from moving sims in. You can also mark it as a nonresidential lot to keep others from moving in.
    • You must visit New Crest and maintain at least acquaintance relationships with all legacy ghosts. Any family relationships less than 4 generations of separation must be friends or better. This means your parents, grandparents and great grandparents ghosts need to be your friends.
  • Determine if goals are met. If any goal is not met, no completions can be recorded for any category. If all goals are completed, then mark the appropriate completion. That trait/aspiration/skill/job/degree is unavailable for future legacy sims. Once all traits/aspirations/skills/jobs/degrees are completed for a specific category, you may reuse them, but you have to reuse them equally. For example, after all toddler traits are done, you cannot make everyone after that independent. You have to keep cycling through each one once. You can pick the order as this allows some strategy to be used.
    • All toddler skills were at level 5 (3 for potty). Mark toddler trait as completed.
    • All eligible reward traits are purchased without cheats.
    • Child aspiration completed and an A in school.
    • Teen had an A in high school.
    • All character traits completed. See the main rules for specific completion rules of some character traits. Not all traits have a completion condition, so just having that trait is enough.
    • All lot traits completed. There is one lot trait that has completion requirements in the main rules.
    • Adult aspiration completed.
      • Some aspirations involve children or grandchildren and cannot be completed without overlapping active legacy sims. Completion of all possible steps before moving out the next legacy sim should be achieved. The parent sim should stay alive long enough for the next legacy sim to complete the parent's aspiration. Once conditions are set for the completion, the parent sim can be played to complete the aspiration and then all goals can be marked complete. If the parent sim dies before the child can set the correct conditions (top level in a career or having a child), then the parent legacy sim failed to complete all goals.
    • Max level in child after school activity if there was one.
    • Max level in career (10 is fine if extra levels are available, 10+ levels aren't required.) or if a skill was used to make money, max level in that skill. Some money making methods do not require a career or skill, so no requirement for those other than your debt must be paid off.
    • All debt must be paid off when transferring the legacy to an heir without selling items from the lot or inventory. You may transfer money from any existing businesses and sell them.
    • All dead relatives' ghosts in New Crest must be acquaintances or better. If there is less than 4 generations of separation, the relationship needs to be friends or better in order to mark any goals as complete.
  • Move out. You cannot take anything with you except money earned as a child if your parent doesn't need it to repay debt.
  • You may purchase any lot not previously owned by another legacy sim and build any house you like, but keep track of how much is spent.
    • The goal is to eventually build on every lot in the game. Bulldozing a lot before purchasing is recommended, but not required. You may download homes from the gallery or use existing homes if you don't want to build. After every lot has been purchased by a legacy sim, you may not bulldoze any lots. You must respect ancestral homes and only add to those homes. This means moving gets more and more expensive. You should keep business lots as businesses so your sims have available retail lots and community activity lots like gyms, libraries, night clubs, bars and restaurants.
    • University housing can be changed, but the current legacy sim must pay for the upgraded items out of household funds. The item must then remain in the university housing, but can be reused by future legacy sims while at university. Make sure the more expensive university housing is always better than the cheaper one. If you want to upgrade the cheaper one, you must pay for an equivalent item in the more expensive housing first.
  • Choose lot traits according to the main rules.
  • Decide how much money you want to start with and set the household funds to that amount using cheats.
  • Your debt is (remaining debt from parent + cost of house and lot + starting household funds) * 2 (Each time you don't repay the debt, it gets bigger)
  • Continue repeating stages 3 and 4 until end conditions are met.

Stage 5: Ending the Legacy
The goal is to see how many successful generations you can have. A generation must complete all goals within the generation as described in stage 4 to count as successful. There are 104 ways to make money in this challenge if you have all packs, but no mods/cc that create extras. That means a minimum of 104 generations to complete all challenges and more than 100 ghosts in New Crest. Is it even possible to do ultra completion with all packs? Someone needs to find out! You most likely will need mods to stop the game from culling the ghosts. Recreation of ghosts is allowed, so save them to your library! You might not have a tombstone or urn for recreated ghosts without cheats or mods, but that's OK as long as you move the ghost sim into a lot in New Crest. If you need more lots due to not using mods, then it's also OK to appropriate another neighborhood for ghost families. If you do, you must bulldoze the entire neighborhood and that area becomes unavailable for living sims.

Early ending can be caused by a few circumstances:
  • The active legacy sim dies without heirs old enough to live alone (mods that allow children to live alone are allowed). Teenagers previously moved out can be reactivated if still alive. Their starting funds, debt, house and lot costs need to be reset as described in stage 3. Any jobs automatically assigned by the game need to be quit and a valid choice made.
  • Debt gets above 1,000,000 simoleons at any point.
  • There are too many ghosts in New Crest for you to achieve a relationship with all of them. Mods and cheats that stop sim culling are allowed, but you cannot stop relationship decay with mods or cheats. Sims with the aspiration that stops relationship decay are allowed.

Scoring at the end of each generation.
Points are given according to what was accomplished. No points for partial completion as that isn't living up to the legacy.
  • 1 point for all toddler traits to max.
  • 1 point for all eligible reward traits purchased.
  • 1 point for a child having an A in school at the time of age up.
  • 1 point for completing a child aspiration.
  • 1 point for a teen having an A in school at the time of age up.
  • 1 point for either a positive or negative character trait earned during childhood like responsible or insensitive.
  • 2 points for max level in an after school activity.
  • 2 points for completing a regular university degree with an A+ and 3 points for distinguished.
  • 2 points for max level in a scholarship activity (soccer and e-sports competitor).
  • 2 points for each unique personality and lot trait used and completed.
  • 3 points for completing an adult aspiration.
  • 15 points for completing the lazy or noncommittal traits since they can't complete other things.
  • 5 points for each collection completed.
  • 5 points for reaching top level in a career or maxing a skill that is a money making skill, but only if you end up with no debt at the end.
  • 10 points for max perks and/or stars in a business.
  • 5 points for max celebrity level.
  • 5 points for max perks purchased as a mage or vampire.
  • Positive points for no debt or negative points for debt. Remaining household funds at the time of transfer to the next heir determines the score. (Household funds – remaining debt)/100,000 is the amount of points you get. Round up for positive numbers or down for negative points. For example, 1 to 100,000 in household funds is 1 point. For debt larger than household funds a minimum of 1 point is lost. Anything less than 100,001 in debt is -1. Anything over 100,000 but less than 200,001 is -2, etc. It's not possible to get 0 points unless you have exactly 0 in household funds after subtracting debt.

Ultra completion (all must be true)
  • Completions for any of the following can only count if that legacy sim has met all goals for the generation: All toddler skills maxed, child and teen with an A in school, adult and child aspiration completed, debt paid off, trait rules followed, skill maxed or job promoted to highest rank (10 is fine, 10+ isn't necessary), all eligible reward traits purchased and lot trait rules followed (only one with this requirement).
    • See trait rules for noncommittal and lazy sims.
  • All aspirations have been completed by a legacy sim at some point.
  • All skills have been maxed when used for money making by a legacy sim at some point. The legacy sim must also pay off all debt with that money making method.
  • All jobs (including after school activities and university scholarship activities) have been promoted to the highest rank for that job by a legacy sim at some point and the job has resulted in the legacy sim having no debt at the end.
  • All distinguished degrees have been earned with an A+ by a legacy sim at some point.
  • All toddler and adult traits have been completed under the main rules by a legacy sim at some point.
  • All character traits, both positive and negative, have been earned by a legacy sim at some point.
  • All possible reward traits have been purchased by a legacy sim at some point.
  • All collections have been completed by a legacy sim individually. A single legacy sim doesn't need to complete them all at once.
  • All lot traits have been used and completed under the main rules by a legacy sim at some point.
  • All occult sims have been used at some point with all possible reward traits earned.
  • All possible celebrity traits have been earned at some point.
  • All ghosts in New Crest are acquaintances or better and all family relationships less than 4 generations of separation are friends or better.
  • The current legacy sim has paid off all debt.
  • All lots in the game have been legacy houses at some point unless dedicated to ghosts or a business lot.
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This is a really fun challenge, albeit a bit of a long read, it sounds like an interesting challenge. Will play this after I finish a different challenge
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Originally Posted by DaFloofster
This is a really fun challenge, albeit a bit of a long read, it sounds like an interesting challenge. Will play this after I finish a different challenge

I am editing it a bit and updating for the new packs. If you plan on making a story post or YouTube videos, let me know!
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