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Default Painting Skill Paintings
Just a quick question about the Painting skill and the paintings. I havent done much painting in Sims 3 but I've noticed some awesome paintings they do and from the Wiki, they're dependent on the skill level. My question is do they cycle between the paintings they've done, do they re-do some they've already painted? Now, I didnt realize certain traits influence the paint style. My sim had the computer whiz trait which made them like a mosaic painting. There's 2 paintings in particular that I'm hoping she'll re-do: The 'Ninja' and the 'Dragon Warrior?' (Large / Image 7-1, and 7-2) -->

Both are awesome paintings but didnt want them a mosaic painting. Anyway, do they cycle back or is it a '1 and done' thing?

Thank you
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I have no real idea, but I'm assuming they ought to be random and repeatable, since otherwise sooner or later it would be impossible to paint anything any more.

On a completely different note though, if you only really like 2 paintings from the whole set, have you considered just downloading some paintings mod that's more to your liking? There are some large collections out there.
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Just as an update: my sim just painted a duplicate of a picture that's actually in the house on a nearby wall. Seems to be random, though, rather than a fixed period or anything, since she definitely hasn't painted all of the paintings available at her level.
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