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Default An object accidentally replaced a Maxis default - how can I fix this?
I found out that Aroundthesims2 Simsbag - old cell phone replaced the default object Maxis "Plastic Bowl of Fruit" with their own object description (and probably a custom star thumbnail), which increases the risk of game corruption since it can be deleted.

ETA: and after removing all the old ATS2 deco, some weird recolors of the fruit bowl remained:

So how can I fix those objects in SimPE? Just changing the GUID again?
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You can try to change the GUID, but if you aready did, tick the "update MMAT" box and click "update", then save.

If you already did that, copy the GUID number, and paste it into the GUID line for all the MMATs in the recolor files for the ATS items that belonged to the mesh (click commit and save for each item, and make sure you do it for both MMATs if there's two in one recolor file).

Recolors that lag behind after you update a GUID happen because the GUID for the MMATs haven't been updated.
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@simmer22 thanks for the tip! I haven't done anything yet with the ATS2 stuff, but I hope that changing their GUIDs will work.

The pictures of the weird recolors are CCs that are still linked to the Maxis fruit bowl mesh. If I understood correctly, should I look up the GUIDs of their correct meshes and copy that to those recolors?
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If the items use the fruitbowl GUID they probably don't have a new GUID, so you can make a new one for each item that needs one.

You can also contact Sandy at ATS - she's still active on the TS3/4 sites, and would probably appreciate to get a heads-up so she can fix it, since the item(s?) is still up on the site.
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@simmer22 does the "orig GUID" depict the GUID of the original Maxis object from which the CC was cloned? If yes, can I just track the objects by comparing the current GUID and the "orig GUID"? Because I noticed those GUIDs were identical in the suspect object that had replaced the Maxis fruit bowl.

And which Maxis GUID database is currently working? I just tried the Delphster CEP Object database, but got no response when I entered a GUID.
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Here's the current database (there's no actual database, but it's the best we've got, plus there's some tips on how to make GUIDs) -->

I think the "orig GUID" is the original Maxis object, yes. Just make sure you don't do anything to the GUIDs at the bottom. You're only supposed to change the first box at the top (directly above the MMAT tick box).
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@simmer22 does the database on post no.1 only contain GUIDs made by creators here, or also the Maxis ones somewhere just like what Delphster used to have?
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You shouldn't need the GUID of the Maxis object for any reason. Those strange recolors are recolors of the CC object - since the CC object is using the fruitbowl's GUID those recolors will still show for THAT even after getting rid of the CC mesh if you didn't remove the CC recolor files. If you got rid of ALL of ATS's files, including any recolors, then you still have other CC files that you'd need to hunt down.
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I'm guessing it's just to compare whether the object has a changed GUID or not?

It's either the orig or fallback GUID (I have a lousy memory for details - it's whichever one is identical to the main GUID directly after you clone something) - but you don't need to hunt down the GUIDs in the CEP. If the GUID doesn't match any of the other GUIDs, it's a unique one, and you probably don't have to do anything. If it's the same as one of the two, the object probably needs a new GUID and fixed MMATs.

The database is meant to contain GUID blocks that are in use or have already been used (as in, were registered earlier in the old database), useful if you intend to make more than just a few random GUIDs or want to be sure to avoid used numbers.
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Yikes! Now I'm worried because I downloaded a LOT of Aroundthesims2 decorative objects, including the "old cellphone".
Where can I find Maxis's bowl of Fruits? Is it in the game?! I can't find it anywhere in the inventory. I want to see if my game is borked too.
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@simsfan2021 the original fruit bowl is found under Decorative -> Misc and it costs $150. I have updated all the MMATs from ATS and generated a new GUID for the old cell phone file, so that CC no longer replaces the fruit bowl.
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I don't think it's a general issue with a lot of their items, as I've used several of the older items from ATS for quite some time without this being a problem. Do you know exactly which item it is (maybe a link)?
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@simmer22 it was the cell phone from here:
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