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Default Idea for an alpha_Mesh
This may be complete nonsense.

The glasses meshes have a lod1_1. That contains the transparent glass.

Whats to stop us extending that to a clothing shape and re-categorising the whole thing as clothing?

Will it crash, will it be ignored, is it just a dumb idea?

Anyone want to run with this?

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I am having trouble understanding what you want to do.
If you want a transparent mesh like the ghosts, you should need only redefine the materials for it, copying the material definitions used for the glasses.
The lod1_1 for the glasses exists because each .simgeom file supports only a single group composed of one material, and in the case of glasses, you need two materials, an opaque frame and transparent lenses. Hence, a two-part mesh.

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Remember the alpha meshes by Marvine?

A semitransparent layer overlaid on top of an opaque outfit? And setting it as transparent actually got rid of it instead of just showing the skin texture.

Whole new design options opened up with that.

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