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Default Joints Vanishing - Hair Meshing
So i finished the LOD0 of my hair, and was going to do the LOD1. I used DirectX Tool for reducing the poly count to the half, and i did. But after that the Joints Vanishes! So i cannot do the Bone Assigment.
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Same problem.

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apparently this can be caused by not having the latest version of milkshape? I saw that posted somewhere

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Ah, yeah, right, sorry, I need to fix that in the tut - was rushing to get it done so Delphy could release his tool.

Reduce each of your LODs and export 'em as OBJs. Then import the original LOD0 and import the LOD1 and fix its comments, assignments, extra data, and make sure its normals are good. I forgot it lost the bone assignments. Sorry 'bout that.

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Thanks :D
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