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Default Problems with editting a clothing mesh
I tried my hand at some meshing. I thought it would be a simple project, but I was apparently wrong. what I was trying to do was take the shirt with the collar and remove the shirt. I did this by loading up the AM Nude top mesh and the Mesh with the shirt and collar.

For the most part, putting the two together was fairly simple. And with the beta of delphy's CTU v1.8 I was able to assign a new mesh.

I even got it to show up in the game with the new mesh, and it looked pretty good. Mostly how I wanted it.

The only problem was that the back didn't texture so well, as his spine is slightly skewed.

Of course, if I try to change his fatness from 50% and his fitness from 0%, I run into more.. strange problems.

Any suggestions as to what I may have done wrong? And.. is this the right place to put this question?
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The morphs have to have exactly the same vertex IDs assigned as the base mesh, or you'll get exploding mesh when you morph it.

The base mesh shows at minimum fitness and centred thin/fat, so you should see a non-morphed mesh there.

By combining 2 meshes you have probably deleted and added vertexes (verteces?) so that they go out of sequence. The morph then moves the wrong vertex to the wrong place.

To be honest, your mesh looks like something that can be entirely created from a nude mesh, start from that and move points without deleting any to get it to work with a standard nude morph.

The Blender plugins can add vertexes by using the same vertex ID for adjacent points, but it has seam issues if you move any edge points.

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No help at all:

You should definitely post that on the Moddng Disasters thread :D

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Okay, what you said makes sense, RoguePilot. Though I'll probably have to load up both meshes again and just move each vertex one at a time from the mesh with the collar to match up to the vertices without the collar. Otherwise, I'm not sure how I'll get the texture to show up properly, and I think some serious texture morphing could arise from moving the vertices around on the nude mesh, especially since there aren't enough vertices in the nude mesh to create the bumped out look.
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Sorry to bump my own thread here, but is there any way possible to reassign the vertex IDs so that I can get a mesh with a working morph?

I've tried several dozen different methods to make this mesh work in the game but all to no avail. It's possible that I could load up the original mesh with the collar and the shirt and move each vertex individually so that they match up with the nude top mesh so that it looks like the sim is wearing the collar and no shirt, but that method is going to take forever, and I can't lock the nude mesh in place so that I can just snap each vertex onto where the nude mesh vertices are.

It's extremely frustrating that I have the mesh that I want now, but I can't use it because my sims will explode if their fitness/fatness changes from the default for the mesh.
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