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I played the Odds today. They did not talk about the elephant in the room but Randulf felt out of love after playing paper-scissor-stone. He still have the red heart though.
Then I send them to the local pool but they didn't get the chance to swim because of the constant fights.
Hektur met his crush in the hot tub. They talked and laughed together a bit.
They didn't stay long (because the Watcher was fed up with the fights, she may smite the transgressors in the future or provide them with a prisoner token).
Back home, Randulf decided to buy a telescope and look for aliens while Hektur chose to have a date.
The first got abducted while the latter was having a good time with his crush. He felt in love but it seems it's one side. They share two bolds though. They had a dream date without the need to woohoo.
Meanwhile Randulf came back. He's looking forward to get abducted again. Too bad he's not an adult anymore.
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