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Default How to track where unknown bedding recolors are located?
I have a few bedding recolors that are apparently slaved to a missing MASTER object and thus turning blue. Trying to track their names/locations through packaging a lot into a Sims2pack file didn't work.
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Bedding is slaved to the Maxis Colonial bed, what you want is probably the frame that is slaved. If you post an image and the name of the bed, I'm sure someone will know what the master is. But the mesh name can be found in the MMAT, in the cres line. This still won't tell you the package name of the master.
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@HugeLunatic: I actually meant the recolors of the bed sheets. I don't have slave bedframes that lack the Master AFAIK. Hope my wording makes sense.
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Almost all bedding is a recolor from the Maxis Colonial Ironwood bed, so the textures are in your game files. I say almost, because some very old cc beds had standalone bedding. So it's possible you have one of those. It would be best to post a pic of the bed with the bedding. Of course, if this blue bedding is available on ALL beds, then you may have an issue with your game files. To find which bedding it is, turn on testing cheats, then select the blue bedding and hover the mouse over until it shows all the package info.
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I think you can get Maxis-bedding Slaved to Jonesi Blankets. Although most people have that.

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^ I don't think I've seen actual working bedding slaved to Jonesi's bedding (that bedding is notoriously difficult to work with, not sure if you can do much about it and still keep the animations. I've only seen a few creators reshaping it somewhat successfully, and as for remapping I don't think I've ever seen that happen) - but I have seen plenty of deco bedding slaved to Jonesi's bedding.

Those old beds with standalone bedding tended to be cloned in such a way the bedding wasn't slaved to the EAxis bedding any longer. Whether it was intentional or a bug from the creator's side - could've been both.
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@simmer22 @HugeLunatic Update: these are the names of the unknown slaved beddings:
I assume they're old files since they don't have a logical filename.

Should I gather all the bedding CCs through Wardrobe Wrangler and do some kind of a 50/50 method?
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^ That's probably the method that'll get you there fastest, even if it's slow work. Locating recolors, especially bedding, isn't easy...

Usually if items are together in the catalog it's because they have the same names and/or have roughly the same date created, so if you find one of the items, chances are you'll find all of them in one set.
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