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Mad Poster
#401 Old 12th Jan 2022 at 11:04 PM
Chasing a runaway for nearly an hour without a clue where they went. I swear, can't take your eyes off some people for even 10 minutes... But at least it had a good ending.
Original Poster
#402 Old 17th Jan 2022 at 8:46 AM
The weather is terrible out here in Asshole, USA.

I rather stay in bed.

I should be the only one to shine,
I am the Golden Queen of Shadow Galactica
(Translation of a line from image song Golden Queen Galaxia)
#403 Old Yesterday at 8:45 PM
Slightly concerned I might have a horrible reaction and die at the hospital later this week, because the woman who rang me to "ask some questions" was clearly phoning it in....

Her: "Are you on any medication?"
me: "Oh tons, yeah, can you not get it off the computer? I listed it all to the consultant last time, he recorded it all?"
Her: "No, can't do that"
me: "Ok. Sits down with bag of pills, gets comfy, takes big breath..."Pill 1 for this, pill 2 for this, pill 3 for this, pill 4 for this..."
Her: "Great who's your emergency contact?"
me: "? sister... Anyway pill 5 for this, pill 6 for this, pill 7 for this, pill 8 for this..."
Her (not asking for my sister's phone number): "Great have you got any allergies?"
me: "?...yes... But let me finish telling you about my pills first... Pill 9 for this, pill 10 for this, injection for this"
Her: "What cream was that?"
me: "I didn't mention cream, but seeing as you asked, I do have cream 1 on prescription for this....Anyway I'm allergic to medicine 1 and medicine 2"
Her: "What?"
me: "Medicine 2"
Her (not asking what it's for or how to spell it): "Yeah anyway so have you got Covid?"
me: "No"
Her: "Great, So after the procedure someone'll need to pick you up after, bye"
me: "What? Why? Is it not local anaesthetic?"
Her: "I dunno it'll be cold or something, bye"

On the plus side I now feel like the most professional person in the world, compared to her!
Mad Poster
#404 Old Today at 5:37 PM
Work in general. Too much to do, and too little time.
Got yelled at for no reason, but that situation is unfortunately a thing that has to be dealt with (nothing serious, almost everybody at work gets yelled at in that situation, it's nothing personal).
Missed my bus because the stupid exit door decided to stop working and went into some kind of lock mode it refused to go out of no matter what I did, so I helplessly watched the bus go past. Tried to reach the other exit door and bus stop, but didn't have a chance, and was completely out of breath halfway there (I blame my meds, they take every bit of stamina I have).
If that's not enough, it's awful weather here. Decided to spend the half hour I had to wait for the next bus in the nearest grocery store. Went in, asphalt was black. Came out 10-15 minutes later, everything was white, and the snow was blowing sideways.
My hands are dry like sandpaper, and cracking up (been washing/antibac-ing MORE than enough times today, and yesterday as well...)
Wearing a mask everywhere is not helping, because today it's only been adding to my headache and general tiredness (I'm home, I CAN FINALLY BREATHE!!!)

Awful day...

Good thing I have a few days off now.
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