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Default Simoleans
A random thought. I wonder if they will change the way Sims starts and the amount Simoleans they have initially.

Each starting Sims is basically rich. A starting 20k will buy you a simple house and basic furnishing. Get a job and soon the simoleans will start rolling in. They never incur debts because such a thing is not possible in the game.

This kinds of make buying a house, an expensive car etc less fun because it is not difficult to achieve. Assuming an adult starts work at 20 and stops at 60. A mortgage repayment is typically 25 years. That is just over half of a person working life. It would be nice if this was reflected in the Sims.

So instead suppose each Sims starts with 2k. House prices are higher and renting is what all Sims will need to do initially, or getting a loan to buy the house and pay the monthly mortgage. Or they inherit the house from the parents. Sims can incur debt which they will need to pay off or be bankrupt.

Another random thought, how about lottery in the Sims that they can play and possibly win something big.
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Make each lotterry tickect cost 5 simoleans. each ticket gives a .01% chance of winning. However, the prize would be 50k. This is to deter people whod just buy 10000 tickets to give a 100% probability of winning, for they'd just be buying back their own money. Make it a weekly lotterry too

I think that your right that the starting cash should possibly be less, but remember, the sims 2 was about home-owning sims. I wouldn't like to have the wole debts thing you propose, for that'd be complicated game-system wise.
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yeah, what would we do about very indebted sims? lol. Anyway, I think I'd like to have the lottery, or maybe bingo, or a casino. The pocker table is not enough for those sims with a gambling addction. :D
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maybe a sort of betting-system could be put into various group activities;lLike lets say one sims is playing pool. oyu can click on the pool table and have options like "Join and bet 25" "Join and bet 50" "Join and bet 100", or perhaps a "Join and bet...." then you get to choose how much, kind of like how you can choose the price of an object in OFB when selling it.
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I like my Sims to be rich. If it was too hard it wouldn't be fun.

The lottery sounds good, but it should be one ticket per family per week. And a higher payoff, but not too high. ('Twould probably crash the game )
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You've enver heard of the type of people who buy like 10 tickets at a time, Elyasis? And I like my sims to be trying to achieve greatness, materialistic or not
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2k? Oh, gawd. That seems really low What about 10k? That seems like a reasonable amount to toughen things up a bit, and if they finally introduce apartments in TS3 (Yes! YES!) the Sims will be able to rent a small apartment for a low fee, maybe about 500 simoleons per quarter, or something.
I also think that in TS3, larger households get more money to start off with. For example, a single Sim will only need all of the basics and a single bed at the beginning, so they should start off with 10k, whereas a large family of 8 should start off with more than that, such as 20k. Normal-sized families of 4 people get about 17k.
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Has anyone tried doing the 5k building challenge without CC? 5k will only get you enough for the bare neccessities, unless you live with no rooms, just outside somewhere like a hobo. 10k is more reasonable.
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it really wouldn't be that hard for them to make apartment all they'd have to do is mess with the doom system a little and puff there ya go...that would be really cool.

the lottery thing sounds pretty cool...or slot machines would be a fun min-game...wish you could really play the card game for the sims also that would be fun too...
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My reason for the 2k is that at first you do not own anything. You rent a furnished flat that allows you save up enough to start buying your own items. If you cannot afford a TV, get by without one.

I just prefer the whole path to getting wealthy to be a bit more meaningful. At present the 20k makes too easy to accumulate wealth in the game which I feel should be made more harder.
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20k might be easy for that one lonely starting sim, but if you start with a family straight out of CAS (which I almost always do), 20k is not much at all. In fact, it led to my first family living on 1 simolean for a few days before at least one household member (two had been fired) got another job. "Accumulation of wealth," my eye. The only thing that's kept me from disasters like that since is money cheats, admittedly.
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I think half the fun of the game is starting out basic and expanding your home as your Sim achieves and gets richer. As your family grows you gain more as each generation passes. 20k is too much in Sims 2 to start with in my opinion, you can buy the basic items you need, as well as have some extra to spend on a handful of unnecessary luxury items and if you don't buy these luxury items to get your family funds down then the game becomes too easy.

I would love Sims 3 families to start with a little less money.

Maybe it could be dependant on your Sims personality and size of the family? Adult workaholics, over achievers, etc would start with more money (as though they've worked a lot and achieved in life before moving to Pleasantview) and slobs, and similar, could start with less. A smaller family starts with less, a larger starts with more or the other way round?
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What if we would get to choose the amount of money our sims start with? Personally, I abuse motherlode a lot during play, and I'm not bothered too much by the amount of money my sims start out with, as long as we will have a money cheat.
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I think that it'd be cool if you had a choice of several "starter packages" for your families. One could include a relatively low amount of simoleans for a single sim just scraping by. Another could be a sim millionaire package, and another could be for a large family of sims. I know you can already do this with cheats, but it'd be nice if it felt it was built into the game.

I LOVE the idea of sims taking out loans.
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What about a # of simoleans per adult sim, per elder sim, and per child?
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I personally love the idea of mortgage's, car loans, etc. I can't play a family without Monique's Computer ( I always use a loan (or 2 or 3) from Monique's computer to build and furnish my new family's home. It makes the game much more exciting for me, and closer to my real life. I hope TS3 includes a bank (even if it's a rabbit hole) that your sims can use to apply for loans, etc.

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I really hope sims will have individual accounts, if I want them to. It´s great for a family or a married couple to share all income, but it is totally unrealistic with roommates. It´s especially annoying, if I want them to start their own families and whatever they earned before is lost or even replaced by the standard 20k. If they earned a lot less it should show.

I know all of this can somehow be archieved with hacks, but it is still a hassle and I´d like it to be easier. Wouldn´t be to hard for every sim to have their own account, but I want to be able to merge them, if I want to. Otherwise a couple might not be able to afford something, even though they could if they combined their savings.
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