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#976 Old 6th May 2021 at 2:03 PM
The Beakers had a baby boy that I named Bjorn from Loki's father. Seeing Loki and Circe with the baby, they look like a normal family but they aren't! When I first found out about how evil Loki is (back in the day when I started to play the Sims 2) I couldn't believe it because I love playing the family in Sims 3, Aurora Skies. Loki is so sweet as a child and he starts the game with level 10 writing skill. Everything he writes is a freaking best-seller, I love it and he loves it too... What happened to you Loki???
Going back to my Sims 2 game, after little Bjorn was born, Loki rolled the want to get an easel and he goes autonomously to paint, rolling wants to level up his creativity skill. Can I hope that the baby made him to "revert" to his Sims 3-self (creative and non evil)???
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