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#26 Old 8th Apr 2021 at 5:46 PM
Even though it (almost) feels like spring I felt like posting a couple of winter pics from my desktop install. The first three is from Newcrest. A world where all sims seems to end up at some point. Sadly enough it's also the only world where I can place houses... But anyway...

Downtown Newcrest.

From another angle.

In the summertime. The small park seems to be shipped with the game and is simply named Newcrest Park.

A random pic of some decor lots from Oasis Springs. Question: Have anyone of you tried to recreate this houses in the game? I guess I can make the lot of the far left by using a house I already have but what about the small brown one? I should try to get more pics so I have something to help me. (And please note how the creator of the small brown house did place the top of the chimney far away from the rest...).
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