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Default "Carnival" lot designation?
I saw "carnival" in the list of possible community lot types while I was in Edit World but I can't find any information about this kind of lot anywhere. What makes a lot a carnival? What happens to a lot (or on it) if it is classified as a carnival?
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It's maybe "Festival grounds"?

If it is, those lots are lots hat hold different festivities during different seasons. Making a lot "Festival grounds" type does not allow it to have different festivites for each season, but it will add the "festival grounds" marker on the map.
To make lot have different festivities, yo need to use "seasonal lot marker" from buyDebug catalog (you turn it on by typing "testingCheatsEnabled true" and then "buyDebug on" in cheat console. It's under catalog sorting, special category with an "?" on it). Then in build/buy mode, you can Shift+Click on the marker that you've placed and choose how will lot look during different season. "Construction" is the state of the lot between the seasons and "Common" is the original state of the lot (objects in this state are fixed for the rest of the states). It's quite handy, and can be applied to any lot.

If it is an actual "Carnival" lot, then it might came with that carnival store venue that came with Roaring Heights. if that's the case, I don't really know how it functions as I never had a chance to get it.
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To my knowledge, Roaring Heights doesn't have the seasonal carnivals. Though no doubt you can change that.

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No, it's in addition to "festival grounds." I thought it might be for the Boardwalk or the Carousel venues, but I think those are designated either "visitors allowed" or "big park" in the bin. I did designate a lot "carnival" to see what would happen, and I built a roller coaster on it (got it right the first try!) and put a carousel, ferris wheel, picnic tables, and the mechanical bull and a bunch of arcade and gambling machines on it. I can't tell what qualities the lot has that are different from "visitors allowed" or "big park," but it certainly got a lot of visitors and everything worked.
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