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Merging two sims forms? // Werewolves Transformation Glitch?
I created this thread because I have two questions: one related to werewolf transformation and the other related to merging two sims into one.
I know there're many threads related to this glitch, but they're quite old. I haven't found any solutions as far.

I got a werewolf sim that looked like the ones in the photos. But I created only his werewolf form in CAS. Once playing, I decided it ws time to change his human form so I made it. But now when he transforms into werewolf he changes his appareance to EA's default werewolf . Is there any solution to this?

I have both forms separately saved. So I was also thinking it would be useful to merge them both. Does someone know if this is possible? I can take photos of their sliders, colors, etc in CAS or even save them to CAS, create a new family and try to copy one of the forms. I'll do it later. But if there were a faster way it could help me whether it happens again or if someone else has this very same problem and finds this thread.

I appreciate your comments!
See you
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