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Default Auras of Creativity and Body and Mind
Which skills do these help improve learning for, and is there a way to add more skills?
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Aura of Soothing - Gives a positive moodlet
Aura of Creativity - Creative skills are easier to learn, and are learned faster
Aura of Body and Mind - Improves the rate at which Sims learn skills related to body or mind

Here is the wiki link for the Fairy life state:

Edit: Forgot to say, I don't know if you can add skills to them I am not a modder sorry.
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It's possible to modify the BuffFairyAuraEffect_0x0727020cc0d9ade5 XML so as to tune the multiplier for skill gains. These are the relevant bits:
<kCreativeAuraSkillGainMultiplier value="1.5">
<!--Skill gain multiplier for creative aura skills.-->
<kMindAuraSkillGainMultiplier value="1.5">
<!--Skill gain multiplier for mind aura skills.-->
<kSootheAuraFunGainMultiplier value="1.5">
<!--Fun regeneration multiplier soothe aura.-->

As for adding skills, I assume that would require script modding

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Is there a list of which skills are "creative" or which count as "body or mind"?
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If you watch the + signs by the skill bar when someone is under the influence of one of those auras, there are 2 of them when the sim has a skill bonus from the aura. Of course, there are also 2 when there is a skill bonus from location, potions, or a vampire at night, so it's not extremely reliable, but it's a clue.

I don't have several of the EPs, so I have no idea about skills from them, but from what I have noticed, Creative skills are ones involving writing, music, art, and sculpting. I'm not sure about inventing because I haven't had a fairy living with an inventor yet.I also don't have Showtime, so I have no idea about skills from that pack. If the Artistic trait seems to help with it, then it is definitely a Creative skill, though.
Body and Mind: Athletics, Logic, and Martial arts definitely get a bonus, I think there may be a bonus to Handiness and Cooking, and possibly gardening and fishing, although I haven't paid as much attention to that aura. I usually have my fairy start an aura of creativity just before going to sleep in the fairy house, and then let the other sims work on writing, painting, etc.

Someone who looks at the code would probably have a better clue, but this is what I have.

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The skills are listed in the game itself in the "Lessons" section.
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What do you mean by "lessons section?"
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At the bottom left of the screen there's the "..." pop up menu for Options, Save, Save As..., Quit, etc. Between Edit Town and Options there is another one that says Lessons. It contains the in-game tutorials about several aspects of the game. The entry on Fairies contains most information on the auras.

Unless you have disabled them in the options the lessons also pop up from time to time on their own in the upper right notifications panel.
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Thank you! I have the pop-up lessons disabled & I thought that the option was just t go back to the tutorial. I had no idea there was something useful there.
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