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Default Review of Into the Future? Confused on Gameplay
Hey everyone long time no see. I just purchased Sims 3 supernatural and into the future. My question is could someone give me a basic review of Sims 3 Into the Future because I just started playing today and I am kind of lost on gameplay. I haven't played Sims 3 in over a year. My mother and I recently moved and I just haven't got back into the swing of Sims again. I am just looking for a basic review of the game. I think it may be in Sims WIKI but I want player's opinions on this game. I like it but it was just kind of odd..again haven't played Sims 3 in about a year.
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Before you go to the future, Buy 20 apples and grapes , and if you're playing with Super Natural, 20 white cap mushrooms and 20 honey. Why? There's no store in the future & Because if you're working the bot station, having to go get food means you're done for the day doing plumbotics. I've tried packing lunch from the replicators... yeah, never spoils out on the counter, always spoils in your inventory.

First thing, buy the fat brown carpet covered plumbot at the back and front of the plumbot store because that's the one with the limitless learning chip. Rob him of all his other chips and sell them, then start him reading science books. At level 9, do radiation experiments until you get at plama bug, then clone the heck out of it.

OR, buy TWO of the carpet plumbots (the second one also has the limitless learning chip), and have one doing science and the other on the plumbot track. Have him level up to about level 5 plumbotics then make 3 plumbots and send them off to explore the crypts in the cemetery. With no chips in them, plumbots are fearless and cannot be singed. Explore 3 times between recharge and maintenance ought to do it. IF you have Showtime, they come back with genie lamps. If you have World Adventures, tiberium or supernovium. If you get any of that, don't bother messing with the plasma bugs! Money is no longer a problem. One clone of tiberium is worth 10 clones of a plasma bug. If you have SN, it's worth 25 times a plasma bug.

Visiting descendants: Most of the time I've regretted it.

Playing the dystopian/utopian game. Did that once.

The space ship out in the wasteland: Boring!

Getting the 20k lifetime points for Plumbotics: Need a uber nanite. If you have lots of money (see tiberium) just buy everything in the bot store until you get at least the uber nanite. Send a plumbot to buy it because they don't mind getting ripped off.

Jetpacks: Never died using one, but they say that's a problem. Get the death flower in the future cemetery if you're going to do that 'cuz that's why it's there.
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Wow...that's a lot but I went to the future before buying anything. I already crashed my was hilarious watching her crash. There is a lot to learn about these two games. Thanks for the info.
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Watch LGR's review if you have not seen it. And Carl's should have a lot of info. as well as other places. Probably Sims VIP has some guides, maybe, and there probably is some info. here. Google with questions and you usually can find the answer in discussions somewhere.
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ITF is great if you're a builder and also great if you like weird-looking Sims.
That's really the full extent of my review. Someone else will explain it better.

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I don't have my Sims travel to the future anymore, but I use a lot of the objects.

The hoverboard is a nice alternative way to travel around a world. It uses the paths for walking but functions more like a vehicle and once your Advanced Technology level is high enough it's pretty fast.

The holo pets can be good for loner Sims because, unlike regular small pets, they raise social when you talk to them. (Regular pets raise fun, which, on the other hand, the holo pets don't.)

The tube elevator is a great space saver, but without any points in Advanced Technology they can be a bit annoying.

The food replicator on a community lot will spawn a waiter/waitress so you can have some sort of restaurant in which you can order food at the table. Inctive Sims use this, too, so it's quite nice to have in your homeworld. In the future world the waiter will be a robot in regular worlds it will be human.

The plantable rugs are great for basement or inside gardens. Particularly useful for vampire Sims.

The hover scooter is faster than most cars.

I'm a bit divided on plumbots. They can be nice to have, but they take up a slot in the family, need to be controlled like regular Sims and they can be extremely buggy.

And three heads-ups:
1. If your Sims have a gaming console: since ITF you now have to click on the TV not the console when you want Sims to play videogames. ITF comes with a huge holo TV that has the console gaming function already built in.
2. For whatever reasons some of my worlds don't like some of the ITF content, like the crystal plants, and refuse to be playable after I placed them. This happens to me in Aurora Skies. In Egypt I can't use the glass ceilings because the game refuses to exit Build Mode after I placed them. Don't know why but it is persistently so.
3. If you plan to use ITF-specific content that is tied to future events, like the laser harp or bot building but do not intend to ever travel to the future it might be a good idea to disable opportunities in the options. Because once you receive an opportunity that requires you to travel to the future it will spawn the Time Traveler into your world. But as you technically haven't met him yet he will bug out and can corrupt your save.
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Originally Posted by Don Babilon
I'm a bit divided on plumbots. They can be nice to have, but they take up a slot in the family, need to be controlled like regular Sims and they can be extremely buggy.

Let's not forget that they also shut down all the time, and that they tend to do that thing where they feed off your household's electronics through their ray gun hand or whatever.
Other than that, they're just like Sims...along with all the annoying stuff about Sims, plus some extra things.

But yeah, get it for the content. The ultra-modern designer furniture and the tacky, ridiculous clothes.

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LeeAlee is doing a series of ITF gameplay posts on her blog: as she explores that pack. They're lots of fun.
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