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Default What do you guys think happens in the Into the Future Careers?
I'm curious on what you guys think happens in the careers of ITF and their seperate branches, because it's my favorite expansion (and the reason why I bought sims 3 in the first place) and I'm curious on what you all think.

I imagine in the starting 5 levels of the astronomy career it's like the boring starting jobs at NASA like well the janitor and operating the different space-technology equipments. But after you get to decide what position you choose, I imagine Astrophysicist branch as the scientists from the Institute in Fallout 4 with the difference being on the advancing not only earth's technology but technology for the stellar space ships to explore more of the Simlish Universe. For the Space Explorer branch, I imagine a my sim is going though a star-trek like lifestyle only with more bladder problems, venturing into space and fighting the pirates in the solar system on the different colonies on the different planets. I don't imagine the sims going out of the solar system despite of it being hundred of years in the future. If, for some reason, Faster-Than-Light is proven to be just a fantasy-concept then the Sims are bound to their own solar system limited on the mining of other planets while fighting rebels and pirates.

Now for the Bot Arena, I imagine as you are starting out as the minor employees to ensure that the Bot Arena is safe and clean for each match. Do I think Plumbots and Sim in the Robot Mode are fighting against each other to a fight to the death or a fancy pokemon contest of robots, no. Instead, I imagine that the Bot Arena is a illegal fighting arena that only plumbots and sims who look robotic to watch the illegal fights with more primitive robotics with limited coding. The idea with the Bot Arena in my eyes would be a way to get rid of all the primitive robotics still roaming the wasteland after some sort of war or something I don't freakin' know. The best way I can describe how it is like in the Bot Arena in my imagination, you all remember the episode where Homer Simpson dressed as Bart's robot to help him win the robot fights or something like that? Well the same thing can be said only except without the whole organic body inside a robot thingie and with primitive, limited knowledge robotics. After the fight has begun, the two owners of that primitive robotic begin giving commands to their abominations to destroy or make it where the opponent's robotic cannot move. After one of the robotics falls non-moving, the standing robotic and it's creator wins the match. The Mechanic branch is where the sims goes into the backstage and tends to the fighters that got roughed up after the battle and tries to repair if they are badly beaten which, more often than now, the mechanic must disgard the unit and waits for more sims/plumbots to bring in their fighters to fight in the arena. It's a very busy job none the less to keep the bots in good repairs. The announcer branch is, like you would expect, the ones who announce the matches and calls out the winners; simple right? I don't have much else for the Announcer because it's a rather simple job.

What do you guys think happens in the Astronomer and Bot Arena Careers in the Sims 3: ITF because I'm curious on what you all have to say.
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