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Default Sims 3 Warrior Colonies (cat based)
Ok, so this is my first thread, and to be honest, probably my last because i'm unoriginal. Also, sorry this is like warrior cats so I understand if it never gets viewed.

Expansion packs needed: Pets
Mods needed: MasterController - Go Here - Mover - Portrait Panel - Story Progression - Woohooer - Prey Filler -
These mods make it so you can have as many cats as you'd like and the prey filler mod allows your cats to get a full meal out of a caught piece of prey. You don't have to get these, but they make the challenge 10 times easier. Go Here is the mod you need the least out of these and Master Controller is the most important.

Goal of Challenge
Ok so the idea is you start of with at least 1 cat (you can do more, of course), and then with this cat, you make a colony. By the end of your challenge you should have at least 1 colony established with at least 3 generation down. I'd suggest for more fulfillment and drama to make more colonies than 1, but of course this is all up to you.

Starting *~NOTE~ You're gonna need a sim to make sure your cats don't get taken away (and they can be used for medicine). Just stick to the randomly generated sim you get when starting in CAS*
Firstly you're gonna want you're cat. So go into create a sim and either choose a breed or start from scratch(I think it's more fun to make them from scratch, but if you want to be quick i'd stick to picking breeds). You can make as many cats as you please. Once you have you're cat(s) pick a lot for your colony's base; The bigger the lot, the better. You want as much room as you can get for your cats. When you get to building the territory it's completely up to you how it looks. It can be a dessert, a tundra, a jungle, a prairie, heck even an abandon house! You can make it however you like. Then, for your human's den, go to the basement tool and make the basement as deep as the game allows you. Then, get rid of all the floors accept the last one. build your sims house on that floor with only the necessities. (to get them into the basement enter Ctrl+Shift+c and then enter 'testingcheatsenabled true' . Then, right click on a clear part of the floor of the basement and click 'Teleport here'. Your sim will teleport into the basement and you wont have to worry about them disturbing your game. (I'd also use nraas to get lifetime points so you can get the 'no bills ever' reward. i'd also call the newspaper company in services and cancel delivery)
Now for the dens you will need in your colony's base
1. Chief's den
2. Troopers den
3. Care-givers den/nursery
4. Ancients den/Seniors den
5. Rookies den
6. Healer's den
These dens should all be in a general area on the lot. The rest of the lot will be for hunting. (if you want items to spawn on the lot, just use ctrl+shift+c and type 'buydebug on' to get special items like animal spawners to gem spawners)
You can use disguised pet beds or flowers for the cats to sleep on (i'd suggest pet beds just so you don't have to tell them where to sleep every night)
Must-have items for your lot are
1. Pet house (you need this for breeding. You can disguise it like the beds)
2. Cat toys (you want these to get the hunting skill. You can also pounce on other cats or watch prey animals to get this skill)
3. Scratching posts (These you don't need, but it ensures your cats will be healthier)

Ranking System
Chief- Head of the colony, directs troopers and ensures the safety of the colony. There can be up to 2 chiefs at a time. When the chief dies the second chief takes their place or the cat they chose before their death takes their place. If none of these cats are alive, the colony will vote a new chief. They get a ritual like troopers.
Trooper- Troopers are male and female cats that protect and provide for the clan. They train most of the rookies. When they die the colony preforms a ritual (the ritual varies between colonies and is up to you how you want it)
Caregiver- Usually a female (or a female-to-male) cats role. These cats jobs are to have and/or raise the youth of the colony;They also protect them if needed. This role is a temporary role for Troopers, Healers, or chiefs. If they die, their young are handed over to their fellow caregiver they entrust them to. They also have a ritual like troopers
Rookie- A rookie is a young cat that trains under either a Trooper or Healer. They begin training at 5 months. When they die they get a ritual like the troopers.
Ancients- Ancients are the elderly cats of the colony. They can receive the title at 7 years minimum; The longest they can hold off the title is 10 years. With the title they get retirement and complete leisure. They are often looked after by Rookies. Have the same ritual if they die as everyone else.
Healer- There can be up to 3 Healers in a colony. A healers duty is to ensure the clans health and to train Rookies to replace them. (Ancient guidelines can apply to them, but don't have to) If they die, they have the same ritual as everyone else.

Dawn- One patrol in the morning, make it as large as you like. (depends on the size of your colony)
Dusk- There should also be a patrol at dusk, consisting of any amount of cats you like.
~NOTE~ Dawn and dusk patrols should be done with troopers and rookies. (you can also add the chief, of course)
they are also border patrols.
Medicine- This patrol is for healers to collect herbs and supplies to keep the colony healthy. There should also be 1 to 2 troopers or rookies to ensure their safety.
Hunting- Hunting patrols are for cats who can hunt to go out and catch food for the colony. These patrols can be any size you like and are usually off the main territory.
Territory- Territory patrols (or expansion patrols), are for small groups to go out and find uncharted territory to expand their colony's borders. These patrols usually consist of a chief, 2 troopers and their rookies if they have one, and occasionally a healer. ( you can change it up however you like)

You can use any plants you think should be used for the sickness or injury. It can be inspired by the books or completely from you.
The way to get these plants is to enter ctrl+shift+c and type in 'buydebugenabled true'. Then you go to the plant section of the debug area and grab the plants you'd like to use for your cats. When they finally are ready to harvest, (this is when the human comes in) you select your human, click on the plant, and chose harvest. Once it's harvested, go into their inventory and put the harvested plant in front of the stalk. Then, you can have the healer come around and pick it up (drag it over the cat to put it into its inventory). If this doesn't work, just directly take the plant from the humans inventory and drag it over the healers profile picture on the side of the screen.
After you give it to the healer, you can either leave it in their inventory or you can put into a chest. (the chest is better if you have more healers, in my opinion)

Illnesses or disabilities
-Sprain: If a cat has a sprain it must be healed within a week or else the cat ends up with a permanent limp.
-Break: If a cat breaks a leg it must be healed within 3 days or else the cat will get an infection. If the cat gets an infection and isn't healed 2 days with that, they will die. If it is a bad break and healed, they will have a permanent limp. If the break isn't a limb, and is the neck, they will instantly die. If it's the back, it's most likely fatal unless found within the day of the break and treated.
Small lacerations- Must be treated within the day or else there is the possibility of infection. If they get an infection, they need to be treated within 2 days. If not, they have the chance of dying.
Large lacerations- Must be treated within the hour of it happening or else they will become unresponsive. If they become unresponsive, they must be treated within the half hour or else death. If treated, they must be watched for 2 days to make sure infection doesn't happen to the wound. If infection happens, they need to be treated within the day. If not, they'll die. (basically, just be careful) If it's a throat wound, it's most likely death. An eye wound could end with blindness in one, or both eyes (depending on the hit). Most other wounds can become scars and only become fatal if not treated.
-Mild handicap: The cat is either born with or gets a limp and or semi blind/deaf. With these disabilities, a cat will only be able to do mild work. They can be troopers or healers but they need extensive training (they need 8 hunting skill before given their name if they are born with the disability. If they gain it throughout life, they can either retire or go back into training).
Severe handicap- The cat can be born with it or gain it throughout life. A severe handicap would be paralyzed, missing limbs, completely deaf/ blind. A cat with these disabilities would most likely never be able to work. They would have to be monitored by a care taker which can either be a friend or a healer. Paralyzed cats would need help moving. Blind and deaf cats could be trained to hunt but would never get the title of trooper ( you can change this of course).
Poisoned- Either by snake or food, when a cat is poisoned they must be treated within a day, 2 or 3 (depending on the severity). They must also watch for infection if it's caused by a bite. In a severe case the cat could die almost instantly from the poison.

1. No drinking water. The only time a cat should drink water is if you have a setup like the moonpool and that's how they talk to their ancestors.
2. You can't change their fate even if they're your favorite cat. No stopping their fate.
3.Kits shouldn't leave camp and neither should their caregivers. ( this isn't really a rule, but, you could have a caretaker eat and then drag up their kits hunger in the few days after birth. It's kinda like teet feeding then and then after 3 days or so they can be 'weaned' and eat prey themselves)
4. This kinda relates to the last rule, but queens shouldn't hunt during and 3 days after their pregnancy.
5. A chief should be appointed after they have trained at least 2 rookies.

You Lose
1. Your colony died
2. They were taken
3. They didn't stick together
4. You lost interest

Event Roller
-Yellow portrait:
0-50- They're fine
51-70- Mild sickness
71-97- Severe sickness
98-100- Fatal sickness
-Orange portrait:
0-40- They're fine
41-79- Mild sickness
80-94- Severe sickness
95-100- Fatal sickness
-Red portrait:
0-30- They're fine
31-69- Mild sickness
70-89- Severe sickness
90-100- Fatal sickness

-Snake bite
0-60- Fine
61-79- Mildly poisoned/ injured
80-94- Severely poisoned
95-100- Fatally poisoned

-Run over by car
0-50- Crippled
51-100- Killed

- Pregnancy
0-69- Healthy pregnancy
70-89- Mildly sick pregnancy
90-100- Horribly sick pregnancy

0-69- All alive
70-89- One died
90-95- 2 Died
96-100- All died

-Kit conditions at birth
0-60- Fine
61-80- Mildly sick
81-90- Severely sick
91-95- Blind
96-100- Deaf

-Mother condition at birth
0-79- fine
80-89- Mildly sick
90-94- Severely sick
95-100- Died

-Foreign cat encounter
0-35- Ran them off
36-60- mild injury
61-85- Severe injury
86-92- Killed
93-97- Killed the other cat
98-100- Invited them to the clan

-Lost a fight with another cat
0-19- No injury
20-60- Mild injury
61-89- Severe injury
90- 100- Got killed

-Won a fight with another cat
0-30- No injury
31-60- Mild injury
61-89- Severe injury
90-100- Killed the other cat

-Wildlife encounter (horse, deer, raccoon, large bird)
0-70- Safe
71-84- Mild injury
85-94- Severe injury
95-100- Killed

-Wildlife encounter (wolf, fox, bird of prey)
0-29- Unharmed
30-50- Mild injury
51-79- Severe injury
80-100- Killed

-Dog encounter
0-30- Unharmed
31-41- Mild injury
42-69- Severe injury
70-100- Killed

-Human encounter
0-70- Nothing happened
71-100- Taken

Hope you enjoy the challenge and have fun!
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Aww, I thought this'd be a normal discussion thread. I was going to make it all about Klingons and stuff.

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Originally Posted by GrijzePilion
Aww, I thought this'd be a normal discussion thread. I was going to make it all about Klingons and stuff.

You could do that if you want, I don't fuckin' care. It doesn't have to be about cats, man. I was just trying to do something with my summer.
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Fuck yeah, Klingon thread.

Hypocrisy is only okay if I do it.
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Grijze is just being witty since you posted this thread in the wrong place. Pretty sure moderators can move this. On second though, I would highly recommend you repost this at The Sims 3 Challenges area as I once had a thread that I misposted and I got the thread deleted (left me infuriated because it was quite lengthy one and 2 lazy to retype it.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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Originally Posted by SneakyWingPhoenix
Grijze is just being witty since you posted this thread in the wrong place.

Like anything else, wit is subjective. Being sarcastic is not witty....

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Originally Posted by SneakyWingPhoenix
Grijze is just being witty since you posted this thread in the wrong place. Pretty sure moderators can move this. On second though, I would highly recommend you repost this at The Sims 3 Challenges area as I once had a thread that I misposted and I got the thread deleted (left me infuriated because it was quite lengthy one and 2 lazy to retype it.

Ok, thank you, i'll move it there.

Thank you again!
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