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Default Edit liquids mesh
Hello everyone!
Is it possible to edit the mesh of liquids in sims 2?
I refer to the mesh of water, coffee or juice that is inside the glasses.
I did a test and changed the mesh by another mesh in .obj format, in the juicer maker. The mesh it works, but the animation of filling the glasses was lost. I also try it in .unimesh format, but also the animation is lost.
I can not know how to edit the liquid mesh without losing the animation.
Does anyone know what controls this animation?
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If anything uses animation or morphs, you need to extract the whole GMDC, not the OBJ (right-click the GMDC, choose "extract"). You can open them with the same plugin you use for clothes in Milkshape. Click "yes" to the "create morphs?" question when importing to MIlkshape. Some meshes have multi-states, so for glasses there's usually a "full" and "near empty" stage (the morph needs to be the same mesh reshaped, because the vertices in the main mesh need to correspond to the same vertices in the morph, so finish the "full" stage first).

The game calculates the "between" stages between the "full" and "near empty" mesh parts to create the illusion of the liquid disappearing or appearing.

When you've made your mesh (make sure everything has the proper names and comments) you replace the GMDC (right-click, choose "replace").

As far as I know, Milkshape is the only program that handles the morphs well. There are some new plugins for Blender, but I'm not sure how well they're tested.
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I have a similar question that I would like to ask. Would it be possible to create liquid like water from The Sims 3 for The Sims 2?
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Probably not. TS3 effects most likely work somewhat different from TS2. You can only use the game mechanics already present in the game you're modifying. For instance, you can't add CASt functionality to TS2, because there's nothing in the TS2 mechanics to base it on.

TS2 mainly uses morphing for animating things that don't have bones. There are some other effects too (animated textures or some such - I'm not entirely sure) like the food that appears when a server stumbles with a meal, or the grow-up confetti, but I don't know if they can be modified. I haven't seen default replacements or anything such for those particular effects, so I'd guess not.
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