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Default Titanic - WIP *Grand Staircase Completed 12/12/18*
Grand Staircase

December 12th 2018

Hi everyone! This month I started to work on recreating RMS Titanic in The Sims 2. I will first build all interiors needed for the movie and then the exterior of the ship. I will try to post updates once a week. This is a free time consuming process and I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible so it may take a while! All comments and suggestions are welcome!

I started with first class grand staircase and here are pics how it looks at the moment!

D Deck

C Deck

B Deck

A Deck

Boat Deck

That's all for now!
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I managed to create a new staircase with detailed texture and boat deck wooden railing frame.



Boat deck.

That's all!
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This seems like a lot of work and a very CC heavy project. Be sure to check out the other Sims Titanics which are out there, that might help if you're confronted with a complicated part, and may contribute to a CC-free solution.

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Thanks for your advice! I have a plenty of useful objects already, planning to do just some recoloring, but these iconic pieces I'm trying to make as accurate as possible. Also cloning objects from game itself such as columns and furniture and modifying them a bit will hopefully speed up the process!
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Look forward to seeing this take shape! The staircase looks great.

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Thank you! Working on a wrought iron fence which will replace this png based one.
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I'm pleased with progress I managed to make this week: new wrought iron fence which I actually made fully 3d, but it was unfortunately far too complex for Milkshape to handle so I made it 2d png based, 5 new columns after having constant problem of getting "not responding" message from Milkshape and 12 different textures for flooring based on OFB EP (I think).

Updated A Deck with new columns and iron fence.

Updated Boat Deck also with new columns and iron fencing.

New linoleum flooring. The old one had just sentimental value, was made in paint!

Decorative wall column which was finished yesterday and will be used on 6 decks, from E up to Boat Deck.

That's all!
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This looks fantastic! You should check out Titantic: Honour & Glory, as far as I know it's a free download, you get to explore the ship as they made it in 3D, and it's very detailed, perfect for what you're doing as a reference in 3D.

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Thanks! I heard about the game and it's a pure perfection! I'm using as a reference various photos of Titanic's sister ship Olympic as well as online deck plans, but I will sure have in mind all new discoveries that Honour & Glory team discovered with their experts and try to apply them in previously wrong realized design.
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Weekly update no. 3.

New window with matching wall for Boat, A and B deck.

New ceilings and beams recolors fully applied on Boat deck.

A little bit modified door from Nightlife for Boat and A deck.

Baized doors for first class corridors.

First class entrance doors on B deck.

Updated elevator foyer on A deck.

That's all!
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Wow. Is gorgeous keep the good work!
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Gorgeous, looks great! Love your attention to detail.

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^^^Thanks so much!

Weekly update no. 4.

I didn't have much time this week, but some important elements are completed.

First class elevator gates.

A Deck cherub torchiere.

B Deck cherubs.

C Deck two pairs of cherubs.

That's all!
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Weekly update no. 5.

New lighting fixtures for grand staircase.

Testing Scriptorium and light mod that comes with it.

A Deck promenade windows with working wall mask finally!

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That's all!
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Weekly update no. 6.

New furniture for grand staircase.

That's all for this week!
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Weekly update no. 7.

New sofas for first class elevators.

Prometheus heaters for grand staircase as seen on Boat Deck.

Illuminated sign for ship's interior.

That's all!
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Weekly update no. 8.

Paintings for grand staircase.

Clock for "Honour And Glory Crowning Time" carving.

Steinway Piano Model R for Boat Deck.

Everything needed for grand staircase is completed so it should be finished soon!
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#18 Old 12th Dec 2018 at 12:09 AM
Wow I love these rooms! Amazing work :D
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Thanks! Grand staircase is completed and now I'm working on a presentation video.
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Weekly update no. 9.

C Deck

A Deck

Boat Deck

Grand staircase is officially finished! Click HERE to see the video. Hope you'll like it!
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Weekly update no. 10.

Continuing this massive project with reception room! There's not much to show for now, but I hope more will be in a week.

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Weekly update no. 11.

I worked on reception room entire week and even though there's still a lot to be done, I'm quite satisfied with current progress:

New 38 walls and carpet.

New double doors for D Deck entrance and dining saloon.

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#23 Old 11th Apr 2020 at 11:02 PM
Weekly update no. 12.

I was busy this week, but managed to complete new mesh for dividing windows as well as new 12 walls.

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