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Default Milkshape won't open .obj
Meshes generated with Wolrd Machine are not opening in Milkshape. In Blender, the mesh will open.

I have tried exporting the mesh with all possible settings to no avail: Only file type Wolrd Machine is able to generate is .obj

All I want to do is be able to swap the mesh and the texture in a cloned distant terrain package but I only know how to do it in Milkshape. I'd do it in Blender if I knew how.

Any ideas?
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The image link isn't working.
Have you tried exporting from blender as .obj and import in milkshape from blender instead?
Is the object to big or with too much high poly? Milkshape handles less polys than blender and smaller in scale.

edit: ups, I just noticed this thread is from 2019 and not 2020. Sorry
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