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Default The Sims 4 - Pet Pictures (v1)
Noticed there was no thread for this. Show us your Pets!

Gregg the fox, and Keyu the Anubian Jackal.

No love for Gregg.

zu, zu, zu matán
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I made a fully alien sim family, and of course they got some rather special pets...

Too bad TS4 pet genetics don't work properly, because these two for some weird reason only have regular-colored offspring (white/brown). If in TS2/3, they would've produced some very interesting puppies.
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This is Key (named after a famous Youtube dog)

I just recently (two days ago) installed Cats and Dogs so I do not know all of the details yet. Can someone please tell me what this means? The owner takes good care of her so it can't be that... I think...

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Hi! I'm glinshy the cat! Nope, it's not. I have bben saving when the two sims were sleeping and by entering the lot they stood by the beds but decided to crawl back in. And as Eliza, the cat, was on the bed she went up like this. Only a little later the head was gone and I saw some small zzz's higher up meaning that the cat was sleeping. On top of The anthro dog female Louisa Horn's big belly (Yes, I made her as fat as I could so you better believe she's fat).

I'm on your counter tops, noming on your bacon sammies.

But how did you go from the counter top to there? This cat just adores the top of the refrigerator.

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To be quite honest, I thought this was my game trolling me...

I did open up "Menage families" and found that one of my families, (of three females, all unrelated), had a lot of cats. I did know they had one but not three. In the world they also seemed to have three so I did open up the family. And found kittens... Eliza, the cat mother, had kittens. Yes, they are adorable, but I wish the game had informed me about it. I did not see a text like that.

(An other wish is that my sims would sleep in the night and not wake up from every single "meow" that comes from outside their bedroom door).
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There is a monster under the bed! A monster! A...

Oh, it was just the cat. Rick...

This was the first time I did spot a cat crawling out from under a bed. Cool...
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2 pictures, 4 doggy's (not).

I did play whit my furry sim Mitchell Walters and he was able to adopt a stray (husky ?) named Lexie. Today he also adopted an other stray (breed ?) named Nalle. It did not take very long for them to become friends so it must be easier to adopt when a sim owns a dog already. (and by now I'm 99.5% sure that there is a bug that sometimes mark strays and sometimes don't depending on time and place).

Mr Walters and his, (very hard to get) girlfriend to be. And the dogs.

In Swedish "Nalle" is a childs word for "bear". Very fitting for this big girl. To bad is not possible for a sim to walk two dogs at once...
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4 months later I got pictures to share with you , I hope this is not necroposting.

My little one Sirius
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