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Default Haunted(?) Mansion The Sims 4
Is it Halloween already? Sadly not. But alas, I'm in a spooky mood and as such am tackling a very daunting new build. A haunted mansion! *queue the thunderous background lightning*
I's proving to be a long task as I only have so many hours in the day available to play The Sims. The mansion so far looks more like an old hotel on the outside, and quite honestly the thought of a haunted hotel seems way more exciting. Unfortunately EA thought restaurants were a more pressing matter (since we were deprived in sims 3! Remember open for business?) I would still be down for a booming resort town before Sims 5 hits shelves. Better than Island Paradise tho...Anyway! Check out the photos progress I will upload! Let me know what you think so far and give me some pointers!!!! If anyone knows of any cc furniture and or mods that would go well with this lot please let me know!!! Also If someone would like to take over and furnish some rooms , if youre feeling inspired please tell me! Ill send the file so we can work on this together!
There is a maze. Building the maze was very fun although I wish there was a mod that raised the fences like in sims 3 (someone made a mod I cant remember who)
Check out this youtube video of some of my progress. I apologize for the poor quality recording. walkthrough maze youtube
P.s. This house really is haunted!!!!! I placed a tester sim to test out my maze and the front steps and.....he died!!!! Burnt up in a fire while I was off looking at something in live mode!!!! The first sim ever to enter this house never came can see his urn in the burnt up kitchen see image below! Beware...

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Cool. The buildning looks really nice.
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