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Default In Testing: More sensible "Can my friend come, too?"
You know how when you invite sims to come over, they sometimes say "can my friend come, too?" and then if you say yes they show up with someone else? In theory, it's great when the person you invited brings one of their friends over, because then you can maybe introduce someone new to the rest of your family and maybe it's someone you want to build relationships with. But in practice it is terrible, because the invited sim always brings over really inappropriate people, like their mother, or their professor, or a teenage townie they haven't talked to in 30 sim years, or a dormie they used to date in college. And since the game doesn't tell you who they're inviting, you never know when you should be saying no.

I've decided to try fixing this so it's functional, to whit:

With this mod, there are some restrictions on who can be invited over in this manner.
  • The "friend" must be in the same age stage as the invited sim. For this purpose, young adults are not the same age stage as adults. No more bringing your professor with you to do bubble at the frat house! If you're still friends with your professor after you've graduated, you are free to invite them over to engage in normal adult socializing, as long as they aren't old enough to be your mother. The exception to this is that young adults, adults, and elders can invite child-age sims that live in the same house as them and are in fact their actual children. In this case, the dialog will refer to the "friend" as "my child" instead of "my friend".
  • Under no circumstances will sims invite their parents over, even if they are the same age stage.
  • This includes the logic improvement from phonehack, wherein the friend is required to actually be friends with the invitee, and not just some rando who merely doesn't hate their guts.

In addition to these requirements, the dialog will now tell you the first name of the "friend", such as "Can my friend Joe come, too?" That way, if they've still manage to choose someone unsuitable, or if they are trying to invite their spouse to their extramarital affair or something, you can be sure to say no.

Compatibility: Currently requires Apartment Life (or M&G). I can make one compatible with other game versions if requested (I plan to do that eventually anyway). If you do make the request, I also need to know if you have Bon Voyage. This might conflict with mods that change who can be a "friend" in this manner, what happens when you invite someone over, or add or change the text of phone-related dialogs. However, it is compatible with Cyjon's Nicer Phone Messages (and doesn't need to be loaded in any particular order relative to it). It is also compatible with phonehack, but must load after it. If you don't have phonehack, don't worry, you don't need it.

What I need from you guys is to install the hack and test it out to make sure it's working, since it's random whether invited sims bring friends and the only real "proof" we can have that it's working is that it hasn't done something it shouldn't yet. It's also hard to test in a test hood, because no one really has any friends there. Let me know if anything weird happens.
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Definitely taking this to test, thank you. This particular problem has been driving me up a wall lately! I have all EPs and SPs, no UC. Some families have 14 to 30+ friends, so this will be interesting.

@kestrellyn - Working just fine! I love it, this is a big help in deciding who to allow to tag along. Thank you!!!
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@Goldenbtrfly - have you had someone invite their child over yet?
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@kestrellyn - I have not. Spouses, yes. I'll be playing all day tomorrow and will be sure to invite people over that have kids to see if they ask.

Edit to add - I don't have many children and teens yet, and most are contained in two households. No one invited them, but not to say they won't when others grow up. I can't be of more help on that part just yet. Now if toddlers could tag along, I would probably see a bunch of them being invited, LOL.
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