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Default Help with finding correct newspaper mesh
I've been working on a newspaper default replacement for some months now (for both the NPC and the object newspaper). I thought I was finally done and could share it, but then I saw that the newspaper the NPC is taking out and placing down looks different than the one sims take up and use. The NPC's newspaper looks like this:
And the newspaper used by sims looks like this:

I wanted to remap it a bit, but the thing is, I can't seem to find the mesh for this in SimPE? All I find is a "newspaper_tslocator_gmdc" and a "newspaperRolled_tslocator_gmdc" but neither of them is the mesh I'm looking for. The first one I have no idea when it's used, it seems to be using a texture called "newspaper_printing_txtr" and the rolled mesh is the newspaper used by sims.

So yeah, short said, I'm wondering where to find this mesh in SimPE?

Also, sorry if this is the wrong forum! Wasn't sure which sub-forum to put it

Edit: if you want my default, it’s available here :-)

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I found these:
- newspaperRolled_tslocator_gmdc
- newspaper_tslocator_gmdc
- newspaperReading_tslocator_gmdc - I'm assuming it's this one, because it's got lots of pages and has blend groups, so it's animated. Probably will be a bit difficult to remap it, though.

I also found this list of textures (TXTRs, there's also LIFOs for most of them) - could be you skipped one or two when making the replacement.
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@simmer22 Thank you for trying to help! I see now my post isn't as clear as I thought it was, haha. Nearly everything you mentioned are things I have defaulted in my default replacement. The thing is, I'm looking for this mesh:

and none of these: newspaperReading_tslocator_gmdc, newspaperRolled_tslocator_gmdc or newspaper_tslocator_gmdc is the one in the picture. I've actually extracted every mentioned mesh and opened them up in Milkshape to see animations and morphs, but none of them has that "rolled" mesh like on the picture unfortunately.

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"newspaperRolled_tslocator_gmdc" is flattened out in the mesh file, but it's really just flattened out for ease of animation. If you extract it as a GMDC file (not as OBJ) you'll see it's got joints and morphs. I'm pretty sure it's the one you're after, it just looks a bit different (I'm guessing you probably tried extracting it as an OBJ).

Items meant to be animated tend to not come posed so they're more like an empty canvas for the animator. That's why sims are in a T-pose when extracted. The flat newspaper is kind of the "T-pose" of the newspaper, and the rolled version you see ingame is a "posed" version.
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I'm not sure how to extract it as an OBJ. I always extract it by right-clicking on it in SimPE, by doing this I extract it as a gmdc, right? It looks like this for me in Milkshape (all groups are visible):

This is all outside groups being visible:

And this is all inside groups being visible:

So I'm not sure how it's possible for the mesh, if it's the right one, to be seen like this:

Since the outside texture is like this:

And I can't see any sign of the last picture at the right being visible in the mesh, like it is when the NPC takes out the newspaper. I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense, I absolutely suck at explaining :p

Edit: Okay so lol, as usual, you are right, it's just me being dumb! I tipped the mesh over and voila, there it is!

Thank you again!! You're always saving my poor ass

You can find more of my downloads over at my tumblr:
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Ah well, there's always the possibility of not having accounted for all possible ways (like turning it around and checking the back) - Been there, done that, easy mistake
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