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Default NRaas Relativity
Hi everyone! Hopefully this is the right place to post this question, don’t come for me if it’s not the right place lol

I’ve used NRaas mods for forever, and recently I’ve been toying with the idea of using the relativity mod to make the days a bit longer so my sims have more time in their days. In my experience, and many others, TS3 is EXTREMELY finicky. My question is, will relativity screw anything up and slow the game down at all? Right now my game is running beautifully and I just want to make sure that this won’t cause any issues or lag, since it’s changing a pretty significant part of the game, the flow of time, which I feel could have negative consequences. Of course I know that it can’t be guaranteed to not mess with my game, and I would definitely backup before I install, but I wanted to see if anyone had any insight or warnings before using the mod?

Thanks in advance
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I love Relativity and have been using it for years with no issues at all. It satisfies my need to make the game more realistic and I couldn't play without it. No warnings from me.

You will need to set your preferred speed and there are user settings over at Nraas that are extremely helpful, would recommend you have a look over there when you set this up
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Focusing on Relativity's "main" setting for overall game clock speed, while I don't have any scientific evidence to back this up, I have more than once heard it said that the most popular speed chosen by players (19) actually helps make the game run more smoothly. I vaguely remember Twallan himself, our retired founder and originator of the mod, agreeing with this long ago. I run at an overall speed of 23 myself so things happen just a bit slower than at 19, the differences are pretty subtle but noticeable to me. Where the game would be known to trip over itself would be at speed settings that are way too low, like under 10.

In case it's not clear from the above, lower numbers on that setting mean slower game clock ticks so they make things each take less game clock time thus giving sims more game clock time throughout the day to get things done. The EA standard speed without the mod is 37.
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I would think, just intuitively, that Relativity would make the game run more, not less, smoothly, in that with a slower clock speed, the game would have more time to process the stuff that it needs to process. I could be wrong about that, though.

In any case, I have my overall setting at 25, which is roughly 2/3 "normal" speed. 19 just seemed a little too slow, to me. It was fine if there was a lot going on, but if there wasn't it just seemed to make the time drag. IMO, at least. 25 is my happy place. It's slow enough that I can better handle a large, busy household, but not so slow that days seem to last forever.

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Thank you all for the helpful responses! I really appreciate it
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When I use Relativity I set mine at 27 or so. Anything less than that feels like a day takes way too long!
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This is a very helpful thread. Thanks for bringing this up OP!

Relativity is also one of the few NRAAS mods I don't have yet. I was wondering if it would conflict with slower-eating faster-homework type of mods that I have if I just use the global relativity setting (which you're talking about) and don't touch any other setting?
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I don't see why a faster/slower eating mod would fail to work with Relativity. What those mods usually do is tune the number of "forkfulls" that a plate of food requires before it is considered to be consumed. Relativity approaches things from the number and length of clock ticks angle, not the number of iterations of something that need to be performed before it is finished. But you may find that using Relativity's Motive Delta setting for Hunger eliminates the need for the eating mod.

The homework one is probably similar, but I usually find that sims with the hidden Homework skill on the higher end already finish their homework in not very much time. This gives the sims something to work towards when they are younger.
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Thanks everyone in this thread. I tried Relativity on 23 and it makes so much difference! My sims finally gave enough time to actually DO THINGS!
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Originally Posted by PasTaCopine
Thanks everyone in this thread. I tried Relativity on 23 and it makes so much difference! My sims finally gave enough time to actually DO THINGS!

Right!! It’s a life changer, I’m so glad I gave it a shot, it really has opened up a ton more time for my sims to DO stuff! And if it does indeed help the game have a bit more time to think, that’s even better. I haven’t noticed any issues so far KNOCK ON WOOD (you know you’ve got to with TS3, lol)
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