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Default Having trouble with Blender 2.7 Blender tools, getting correct file types
Programs/add-ons in use:
Blender 2.7a (add on S3PE MeshExpImpHelper
The Sims3object tool referenced in this tutorial:

I have the add on installed to Blender, it is available, but when I try to import files they don't show up. S3PE also exports to .model and .lod, and I do not have the export option on it I should. Only export to file or package.

I am wondering what step it is I'm missing, and how do I get the correct file type to import/export?

I am trying to export a basegame rock mesh via S3PE to use as a reference or base file for a Sims 4 rock mesh (blender file). I have a finished mesh, I'm just struggling with how to connect it to Sims 3 package files.

Thank you for your time!
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