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Default Should I have more than 8GB of RAM?
Hi, everyone! So, I have Intel Core i5-7400 as my processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti as my graphic card. I also have 8GB of RAM. I have all the expansion packs except Into The Future, almost all the stuff packs, all the store content and more than 11GB of custom content. I'm seeing Youtube Let's Play videos with people who have all the packs and lots of CC, and it runs like a charm. Should I get more RAM in order for my game to run more smoothly? Is it worth the money?
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While I can’t advise on RAM (I think I have 12GB so not much more than you), I can say that compressing my 13GB of custom content with CCMagic made a huge impact on how smooth and responsive my game was. I would definitely recommend starting there before putting money down on more RAM.
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More than 8 GB of RAM will not (directly) make the game run more smoothly. TS3 is a 32-bit application and by itself can only address up to just under 4 GB. What having more than 8 GB does is allow us to use other programs like web browsers while the game is running without so much risk of maxing out RAM usage overall which can thus make the game and our systems less than stable. Thus there is a benefit for the game, but more of an indirect one. Having more than 8 GB also allows us to more comfortably set up TS3 to run through a RAM Disc, for those who want that experience.
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I'm definitely more comfortable with 16 gigs than with 8. I had to make sure all my other programs were closed when I was running TS3 with 8 gigs, especially my browser and any AV editing software I may have had open. With 16 gigs it's not even a consideration.

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Chrome can take up 4GB these days watching youtube, so yes.

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Good joke, I had it taking up 9 gigs a couple of days ago.

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For TS3 8 GB RAM is fine unless you are into using other programs as well for video/photo editing, animation, etc. Any more RAM for TS3 will not make the game run any smoother because the game cannot even use that much RAM to begin with being a 32-bit application.

When it comes to custom content, it really depends on what you have installed which may determine whether the game still performs well or not. TS3 is a mostly CPU driven game so using too many or certain mods that are also CPU intensive will clash and lower game performance. Custom content with high poly counts, poorly made, out-dated, conflicts with other mods, etc can cause slow downs or other issues as well.

Edit: Also the developers tell players what makes the game run poorly if you read the readme text document located where ever you have the game installed. The Sims 3 > Support > Readme
This is taken directly from that text file:

Performance Tips

When you run The Sims 3 for the first time, the game will
automatically select the most appropriate options for your
graphics card, CPU, and audio card. To improve performance,
use the options control panel to lower graphics and audio
settings to "medium" or "low".

You can also improve the performance of the game by
lowering the resolution at which the game is rendered.
The options 800 x 600 and 640 x 480 render the scene at that
resolution, but it is displayed at 1024 x 768, so the size
of the actual game window is 1024 x 768.

The Sims 3 is a real-time 3D game that requires the majority of
your computer's processing power. Other programs operating in
the background may slow it down or cause framerate hitches.
For best results, be sure to close any background applications
while playing The Sims 3.

Fullscreen performance is generally better than windowed

If you are playing in a downloaded town for the first time,
it may take a while for Sims and textures on objects to appear.
It is normal to see off-white objects until their textures
have been regenerated.

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My CC is all in packages other than a few files I cannot convert. I compress all and then have merged a lot. I have heard this helps quite a bit. I put only the CC I need at the time in the game. I run everything other than KP as did not get it smoothly. When I Sim I am simming and not doing other things at the same time. This is working well for me.

This is with 8 ram on an about now 8 year old desktop.
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