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Default Seams on neck and mesh seems to be black and spotty
Hi, I have a mesh that I am converting from DOA5 to Sims 3 but the mesh turns black and spotty when I zoom out but when I zoom in it is normal I also have neck seams around the chin area is there a tutorial on how to fix this? please help. I censored it to avoid issues.
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I think it's an issue related to normals having too steep of an edge angle and possibly triangles poking through your mesh, the latter part is hard to say without having access to the actual mesh.
The gap at the neck could be due to improperly assigned bone weights, there is a tool to fix that in my blender add-on and should also be available in the milkshape plugin I believe.
Unfortunately I'm not able to be of much help with TSR Workshop's files as I'm not sure it will run on Linux, but I could take a look at the mesh if you can upload the GEOM file directly.
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Also, the body turning like that in TSRW is due to having the wrong version of it  So make sure to get this one instead: https://greenplumbboblover.tumblr.c...o-a-while-ago-i

Everything else gap, normals and shadows related, i'd try what SmugTomato recommended to do
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