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#1 Old 6th Jul 2020 at 2:30 PM
Default trying to convert s4cc to s3 but ran into texture problem
Hi so i decided to try converting trillyke's summer day dress to s3 using this tutorial and also this video
right now im at the stage where i have to set up the mesh in tsrworkshop but i ran into a problem. the dress texture goes onto the legs and ive tried moving the uv of the dress but nothing works nd now its a mess. i didnt really know how to uv map a dress properly so i just kinda winged it....
#2 Old 7th Jul 2020 at 7:12 AM
It's possible that the problem you are having with the bleeding textures on the legs is the result of the dress UV overlapping the Top and Bottom part of the UV default placement (preview picture here).

You don't have to move your UVs and you can fix that by editing the Alpha channel of your multiplier.
Make sure that the visible part of the Alpha channel of your multiplier exactly corresponds to your dress UV at the bottom (see attached picture).

Hopefully this will fix your texture issue!
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