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Originally Posted by Jawusa
IPhew, I started to work on her face back in July? And it's September now, lol. I never thought creating a sim can take that long.

It happened to me with Hikki, curiosly a celebrity based sim. but it was in early 2007.

Originally Posted by Jawusa
I used some more contour & highlight makeup to make the face look less "flat" and I'm actually quite happy how she turned out, lol. :P
So, I'll upload her in the next few days!
so cool, can wait to get her!

Some photographic tricks to highlight her, first of all the lighting, light is the life or the death of any picture, despite in sim games we cannot have the same control on lights and camera we can have in a posing/rendering software, there are some tricks we can use:

1- A strong light is good but not always is the best choice, a excessive strong light can ruin a pic in the same way a lack of it will ruin your pic, it depends on how you use the light, a strong front light will make flat your subject then never put your camera in the same side/direction from where comes your stronger light, a good example of that failure can be seen in my second picture in this post, notice that the 3 characters loses all 3d details and ends looking like 2D billboards in a 3d scenario, same thing the props visible in the pic, the opposed pic is the last portrait in the Hikki's post I linked in the previous paragraph, i used the sun light, my stronger directional light from our front left side and a roof lamp a bit away on the right front to soften some strong shadows, You'll notice that my "generic" girl keep her volume and still looks 3d due to the good balance of light and shadows.

2- Since we cannot handle depth of field in sims games, don't use a too distracting background and keep your sim at least 1 and a half meters away from the wall/backdrop if you prefer to use that kind of background.

3 - to highlight characters is a lot better the portrait format than the landscape one, (unless the character is laying) take your pics and cut them to this format.

4- use the "rule of thirds" in combo with the rule of space, it's specially helpful in some kind of portraits.

[QUOTE=Jawusa]But thank you very much for the helpful feedback you'd always give me, I appreciate that a lot! [ /QUOTE]

My pleasure, glad I could be of some kind of help for you, a tight hug!

I'm not creating sims/sims stuff anymore, but I'm still in the creative path, check part of my current creations at my J.R.'s Angels page
Feel free to call me J.R., all my friends calls me in that way.
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