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Default bootsbrisket clown chair recolor issues *resolved and closed*
Hello there.
I'm in the process of putting together a circus hood and thought Bootbrisket's clown lounger would be a wonderful addition. I opened it up in SimPE to give a recolor or two, (thank you all folks involved in developing that fantastic tool), but ran into an immediate road block. No texture files. How the heck can there be no texture files yet appear in game? I've run into not being able to access texture files, no big deal. (of which, if anyone can point me to the txt file for Trilby's Delight and the zecutive clothing wall display, PLEASE) But for there to be NO txt file at all... I'm at a loss here.
Any and All assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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It's colored with the "stdMatDiffCoef" - if you go to "Categorized Properties" you'll see there's one red and one gray. They're fully recolorable and even have a MMAT each, so you can recolor by changing the value.

There's a TXMT explanation here that could be of help for the values:

No pattern options, though.

It is possible to add a TXTR, but whether that's in any way helpful depends on if the model was properly UV-mapped. If it wasn't, there's no point in trying anything else than single colors. From how it looks like in Mlkshape, this one doesn't even have a UVmap (seems to just be a small/invisible dot).
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Thank you for your reply.
All I can say is... good grief. For anything beyond a simple recolour, I'm a complete and total moron. And I've tried. Drove myself nuts attempting to turn that derelict pirate ship into a usable shell over a fully functional house frame. The downfall - UV mapping.

Thank you. You obviously took the time to look at the object in question with simPE. I am grateful for your time. So, the object will remain as is and go from there. You have been very helpful.
Thank you.
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You can actually pick the color with a color chart in the "Categorized Properties" once you've made a recolor file, and do adjustments from there. Could be useful.

The color values involve too much RGB math for me, so that color chart does come in useful once in a while...
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