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Default Defaulting clothes, a faster approach. Testers Needed Please! 08/21/2020 Updated
Greets and Salutations!
I'm trying to define the order for making quick Defaults. There is an issue of the Directory of Compressed Files getting corrupted depending on the sequence the changes are made. Also, sometimes "something" corrects the problem. Last night I KNEW what the issue was, it was repeatable, I could close SimPe, reopen and get the same results. I redid this Tut. This morning.....doesn't work the same way! Redid Tut! There is an easy fix however. After all changes are made, delete the Directory of Compressed Files and save. But, I want to make sure this "always" works for everybody! Differences could be in different versions of SimPe, but I don't think so. It's easy to tell if the Directory of Compressed Files is corrupted, if it has any numbers at the start of the lines (usually zeros) it's bad. The next step once this is working is to create a program for automatic defaulting. So this is worthwhile. I had more info on the second Tut, but with SimPe's inability to be repeatable when certain changes are made, it makes no sense add more background. So I'll just stay with the K.I.S.S. model....;-)

So if you would, (If you were able to install SimPE and it's working, you can do this!) take a few minutes and do 1 default and let me know how it went. Thanks!

1. Delete BINX

2. Property Set:

A. Replace Name with pfbodydressclosedsleeves_brightanimals
B. Product to 1
C. Version to 3
D. Flags to 0
E. Category to 77 (Easier to find in pjs or underwear).
F. Creator to 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
G. Hit Commit

3. 3IDR & GZPS:

A. Replace the Group number of both GZPS & 3IDR with 2C17B74A (Done in Resource Tab) (No need to commit or save)
B. Replace the Instance number of both GZPS & 3IDR with EDA97348 (Done in Resource Tab)
C. Hit force commit

4. 3IDR:

A. Delete Category
B. Delete Collection
C. Delete Text Lists--------(per dharden - I skip)
D. Delete UI Data Lines----(per dharden - I skip)
E. Delete STR#---------------(per dharden - I don't remember seeing this!)
F. Delete Property Set
G. Press the Package button. Drag the Property Set to the 3D Referencing File Editor.
H. Hit Commit
I. Delete Directory of Compressed Files
J. Hit Save! Test your default. You're Done!


PS This is my first Tut. While I believe I've got things right, please let me know if clarification on anything is needed! Feel free to email me. Thanks!
PPS Thanks to dharden for the subtle hint on the drop down menu for compression. (It's something I've never used) Chris for expanding on SimPE issues and Simmer22 for feedback.
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@Savagegrace, most of the individual-outfit default packages I've made were made by editing ordinary CC packages, either copies of a creator's original packages or ones I've made in Body Shop. I have never had to extract anything from these packages, it's been enough to edit the Group and Instance values for both the 3IDR and GZPS, and edit the GZPS to match the Maxis original. I've never noticed a problem with the CLST. One thing you need to note is that defaults of Base Game outfits need to have Version = 1 or 2 and Product = 1, or they will appear as CC. Base Game outfits for adults need to have Version = 2 or higher in order to be available to both adults and young adults.

In addition to deleting the BINX and the Collection line from the 3IDR, I've always deleted the STR#, and the Category, Text Lists, and UI Data lines in the 3IDRs. I've never noticed Maxis clothes having an STR#, and I think that Maxis, in its definitely finite wisdom, split the default 3IDRs to that the Resource Node, Shape, and Material Definition lines are in one resource, while the Category, Text Lists, and UI Data lines are in another.

Also, "Guide number" is confusing, do you mean Group?
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Excellent dharden, I did indeed mean Group, not Guide. So? Did you come up with this method or is their a Tut somewhere that I haven't been able to find? I am however puzzled. Would you do me a favor and verify if your SimPE is not corrupting the Compressed Folder when you change the Group or Instance? I'm using CH's version

Appreciate your input!

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I came up with it myself. One thing that's different is that I change the Group and Instance values for the 3IDR and Property Set before editing those resources, so if they were compressed, SimPE decompresses them when I click Commit. I usually use the Resource tab to re-compress the Property Set, and leave the 3IDR uncompressed.

Being a compusaur, I'm still able to use an older version of SimPE. (I never got Apartment Life or M&G, much less UC.) For me, SimPE doesn't seem to detect that a compressed resource has changed if I just alter the Group or Instance values. However, if I try to decompress it in the Resource tab, it will detect that the resource was changed and ask if it should reload the resource. I do notice that, when just changing Group or Instance values, the CLST doesn't seem to pick up the changes.

[ETA: In my earlier post, I said that Product needed to be 2 or higher for an outfit to be available to young adults. That should have been Version. ]
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Hey now! Chris came on the other thread and gave some added info which helps. Interestingly, if you check, I don't believe your table will be fixed until you re-compress the Property Set. Changing Group and Instance values then commit, doesn't fix the Table, at least for me it doesn't. Thanks for your help and insight.

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