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Default Updating old Madhox files -- what fixes do they need?
I'm not sure whether I'm actually going to be doing anything about whatever I find out, but I've just discovered Madhox's content, including their lovely base game cabinet expansions, and I'm trying to figure out if they need to be updated and, if so, whether it's within my ability to learn how.

The Sumptuous Kitchen did need to have the counters updated for usability, but the S4S C&D batchfix seems to have handled that fine as usual. However, some of the sets that are only upper cabinets have comments from the last couple of years indicating that they can't use them anymore. Trouble is, the comments are pretty vague, and I can't figure out what's wrong -- a halfassed playtest didn't turn up any issues in my game.

One issue mentioned was blocking the use of objects below them, but I tested that with both counter and stove and didn't have a problem. (I have not tested it with the butler, who was mentioned, unsure why it would be an issue for him and not a playable?) Another was the 'too many slots crash the game' issue -- I have seen this mentioned, but not encountered it in my game yet, and in general (not just with these objects) this has mostly appeared in older discussions, so I'm unsure if that was later fixed? Someone else mentioned the patch, but Googling hasn't turned up anything for me on what that means. I ran all S4S object batchfixes on them and no fixes were invokved, only on the counters from the full kitchen set.

Once thing I saw when looking over the comments of each set is that they were not actually cloned from cabinets, but rather from the base game glass trophy case, so any cabinet-specific issues would not be relevant. (This might mean that the person who commented about the patch was wrong because they didn't realize the game doesn't consider them cabinets?) I did find that the non-glass-door cabinet from the Sumptuous Kitchen (the one that doesn't have an equivalent in any of the expander sets because the equivalent in those sets is the existing base-game cabinet) was a real cabinet, but I didn't have any problems with that either.

The one issue I did run into was that at one points my test Sim was in the middle of cooking and he put the mid-prep food on a cabinet shelf instead of the counter, and stopped. However, when I clicked on it he started back up again and used the counter with no problems, so while knowing what to do about that might be useful, it's fairly minor.

The wall-mounted microwaves, on the other hand, really are broken, but I'm not sure if there's a fix for that at all since I gather that a past patch broke the use of many, perhaps all, things that have been raised above their normal height (usually via 9 and 0, but that's probably just since most objects that would be affected aren't shiftable without the use of that cheat) and this is probably the same problem? On the other hand I suppose a microwave that can't be raised or lowered, but sits at a fixed height like a top bunk separated mattress, would probably work in that case, since the mattresses do... but I don't know how complicated that would be to do or whether it requires using an actual meshing program and not just S4S. (I did get the Sim to use the wall microwave successfully by putting it on the counter -- it was actually on the counter, not at counter height on the wall, since it was for some reason placed very far forward on the counter and couldn't be moved back -- but that kind of defeats the purpose, now doesn't it?)

Anybody got any insight for me? So far I feel like nothing actually needs fixing except the counter batchfix and the microwaves.
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