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Default How hard would it be?
Hey there,

Some background, I'm a software developer but have never tried modding for the Sims (I think I did my own xml tuning mod like years ago but no real memory of how it works). By trade I work on Android apps, so I'm not super familiar with Python but I have both CS and SE degrees and understand a variety of languages so I'm sure the learning curve for the language itself for me is quite low.

I was thinking today that I wish there was a mod that took money from my sims when they travel outside the current neighborhood, sort of like Uber for Sims. Sort of weird that they walk to a tropical island from a desert...I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on how difficult something like this might be to code in terms of time it might take an experienced modder so I can get an idea if it's worth pursuing as a learning experience or not. Fully confident in my ability to learn how to mod just wondering how long a script mod might typically take a modder.
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It depends on how detailed you want it to be, and if traveling interactions work like any other interaction (which from memory I'm pretty sure they are). If you just want a set payment, you can edit the Travel interactions to require a payment before leaving the lot and it's fairly easy to do, no scripting required unless you want to avoid overriding. I'm not sure if you can set it to be a random amount or not, and checking the TDESC I'm not seeing anything so I'd say it's a soft "no" but I recommend checking yourself to be sure. If you want the payment to be based on the location, then that will probably require scripting because tests are only for the current lot, not the lot you are going to. I'm not experienced enough to list how to do it in script, but from what I've seen with other mods that touch basic_extras it doesn't seem difficult.

For tuning it would look like this:
    <V t="payment">
      <U n="payment">
        <T n="display_only">True</T>
        <V n="payment" t="literal">
          <U n="literal">
            <V n="payment_cost" t="amount">
              <U n="amount">
                <T n="amount">110</T>

And for injecting to basic_extras someone posted a helpful snippet using script here that you can take a look at to give you an idea:

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