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Default Lot Placing Issues
So I've created a basic world in CAW & have no issue with the lots I created while in CAW. But when I export the world & try to place a 64x64 lot in the empty spaces I intentionally left open for future lot placement, it says "Can't place on road." Now I KNOW it's a 64 wide & 130 long block, because that's how I placed the roads in CAW.
Also, I placed trees in other parts of the world (in the empty "blocks" I left) & can't place lots over SOME of them because it says it's unroutable terrain! Seeing as how it's a flat island, I didn't use a lick of Sims non-routable paint & there are no spawners there, so I'm baffled. Yet, in the next block over, I can place a lot, over the damn trees.
I've repeatedly run "Rebuild Routing Data," & checked the routing with Show Routing Data, & it all checks out fine. I've created a few other worlds & never had issues like this.
Any thoughts?
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