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Default Is there a way to see the names of items in cas?
I have a bunch of cc that I have been downloading and installing over the years and in a way it seems like I only have like 100 cc items because I don't use a lot of it but apparently I have thousands so I want to remove items that I don't need. I have a lot of clothing items and hair that I want to remove but the problem is that I don't know the name of the cc I don't use so I can't find it and remove it in my mods folder. With furniture objects you can look at the name in buy mode and try to find it in the mods folder but with cas items you can't. Is there a way to see the names of the cas items or do you have any tips on how I can clear out cc I don't need without removing everything.

I have tried looking at a file in my mods folder and look it up on google but a lot of the times I don't find any results because the blog is old and gone or it's a code name so is there a way to find the name of the items in the game in cas.
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using S3PE, open each package and look for the thumbnails file.

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I use this:

In short: If you have NRaas MasterController + Integration, you can get the unique ID from the CAS part by right clicking on it. Then you can run a search for this ID in your package folder with the other tool.
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