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Default Is there a mod to lock employees in?
Just curious but does anyone know if a mod exists that allows me to lock my business doors for employees only?

I don't want to lock it for everyone because i want the clients to be able to come in and out.

The "lock for specific sim" option doesn't seem to allow me to lock for any of the employees.

I have a vet clinic and I'm really really sick of the employees running outside to play in the snow or shovel snow or build snowpals while they're supposed to be tending to patients or cleaning up inside the clinic but I just can't stop them from going out the door into the snow. Sometimes they're having fun and my sims run out to 'see what's happening' and stop what they're doing. And it's not just the snow; during rain they run outside to mop puddles or chat with their friends.

And you can't just call them in, you have to stop what you're doing (making all the patients wait longer) so you can go criticize them, which then takes even longer. I wish they would have given us the option to call over employees and let us tell them "do this" or "do that" right now, but at the very least I'd settle for preventing them from running outside every 2 minutes, my rating is plummeting.

Thanks :o)
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(...slave driver..).   What kinda boss are you - won't let poor your sim employees enjoy their digital lives life.    

See what TwistedMexi has.  He makes really good mods for SIMs.  If he doesn't already have it he may make one for you if it interests him.  He's over on Patreon but does not charge.  Give him a cup of coffee if you like his mods.  or his older site -

You can also try turning off Sim autonomy in the game settings.
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